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TWICE Dazzled In Timeless Yet Contemporary Style Choices In The ‘One Spark’ Music Video

TWICE One Spark MV Fashion

For this comeback season, TWICE exceeded all expectations with ‘One Spark’, a catchy lead single from their 13th mini album ‘With YOU-th’. While everyone’s vocals shined in the melodious track, the sparkly and vivacious music video brought out the best visuals of the group. It showcased a range of timeless yet contemporary style choices full of dazzle that could only be described as undeniably fashionable.

So, don’t miss out on the outfit details below, and keep reading to find out more.

A Fashion Breakdown On TWICE's One Spark MV

TWICE’s ‘One Spark’ MV Fashion

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Chaeyoung’s Look #1

First things first, Chaeyoung made a striking impression in an ensemble from Alessandra Rich. She paired a ruffle-trimmed black wool jacket with a quaint lattice-embellished midi skirt. Completing her look was a plaid-check floral-appliqué headband, also by the same brand.

Ruffle-trimmed Wool Jacket


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Lattice-embellished Midi Skirt


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Floral-appliqué Headband


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  1. Ruffle-trimmed Wool Jacket
  2. Lattice-embellished Midi Skirt
  3. Floral-appliqué Headband

Chaeyoung’s Look #2

She then combined a khaki off-shoulder stretch cupro jersey blouse from JACQUEMUS with a sheer cream dress from Aniye Records for a creatively chic, layered look.

‘Le Haut Spalla’ Blouse


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Tala Dress


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  1. ‘Le Haut Spalla’ Blouse
  2. Tala Dress

Chaeyoung’s Look #3

Her distinct look here featured a stripe print lace-up vest from Vivienne Westwood that tied the whole outfit together.

Stripe-print Lace-up Vest


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  1. Stripe-print Lace-up Vest

Nayeon’s Look #1

Nayeon was a sight to behold in her vibrant red velvet jumpsuit from Nana Jacqueline. For an extra touch of elegance, she contrasted it with sheer black tights and topped it off with a beret.

Averi Red Jumpsuit


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  1. Averi Red Jumpsuit

Nayeon’s Look #2

She also donned an unapologetic bold look in a black cut-out lace jumpsuit from Alessandra Rich.

Cut-out Lace Jumpsuit


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  1. Cut-out Lace Jumpsuit

Nayeon’s Look #3

In another dramatic look, Nayeon sported an embellished faux-fur trimmed bustier from AREA.

Faux-fur Trimmed Bustier


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  1. Faux-fur Trimmed Bustier

Momo’s Look #1

Momo was the one to watch out for in a cherry-print black ruffled mini dress, also from Alessandra Rich, that gave off a seemingly vintage aura.

Cherry-print Ruffled Minidress


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  1. Cherry-print Ruffled Minidress

Momo’s Look #2

For this luminous night-out attire, she went all out with a silver cowl-neck crystal-embellished mini dress by David Koma styled with a black lace-trim silk camisole from Alexander Wang.

Lace-trim Silk Camisole


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Crystal-embellished Minidress


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  1. Lace-trim Silk Camisole
  2. Crystal-embellished Minidress

Jeongyeon’s Look #1

Jeongyeon looked stunning in a black bow-detail velvet mini dress from Alessandra Rich. Her look was further accentuated by a crystal heart-pendant pearl necklace, also from Alessandra Rich, adding a touch of glamor.

Bow-detail Velvet Minidress


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Heart-pendant Pearl Necklace


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  1. Bow-detail Velvet Minidress
  2. Heart-pendant Pearl Necklace

Jeongyeon’s Look #2

She went on to make a sophisticated fashion statement in a black belted cotton mini dress from Dion Lee, complemented by a chain-embellished black wool cardigan from R13.

Chain Embellished Wool Cardigan


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Belted Organic-cotton Minidress


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  1. Chain Embellished Wool Cardigan
  2. Belted Organic-cotton Minidress

Jeongyeon’s Look #3

This pink horn hoodie from COPERNI is too adorable of a look on Jeongyeon and we simply had to find out where it came from.

Pink Horn Hoodie


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  1. Pink Horn Hoodie

Jeongyeon’s Look #4

Here, she flaunted a polished Vivienne Westwood ensemble, coordinating a multicolor check jacquard top with a matching side slit midi skirt. A blue ruffled denim waist belt from ALAÏA introduced an experimental element to the look.

Anna Top


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Midi Skirts


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Ruffled Denim Waist Belt


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  1. Anna Top
  2. Midi Skirts
  3. Ruffled Denim Waist Belt

Tzuyu’s Look #1

Tzuyu exuded the beauty and mystery of a classic cinema starlet in this black feather-trim velvet mini dress from Alessandra Rich.

Feather-trim Velvet Minidress


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  1. Feather-trim Velvet Minidress

Tzuyu’s Look #2

For her next appearance, she shined in a shimmering tie-front silver top from PUCCI paired simply with black short shorts.

Tie-front Top


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  1. Tie-front Top

Tzuyu’s Look #3

She looked ethereal in a white puff sleeve blouse by Jacquemus styled with an asymmetrical off-white maxi skirt by RICK OWENS.

Le Haut Taffetas Blouse


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Off-white Edfu Maxi Skirt


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  1. Le Haut Taffetas Blouse
  2. Off-white Edfu Maxi Skirt

Dahyun’s Look #1

Dahyun demonstrated a dainty aura in a graceful floral stretch velvet mini dress from For Love & Lemons.

Yara Mini Dress


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  1. Yara Mini Dress

Dahyun’s Look #2

On the other hand, her silver-tone metallic finish crop top from Retrofete went perfectly well with her dark jeans.

Sophia Crop Top


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  1. Sophia Crop Top

Dahyun’s Look #3

Dahyun’s white ruffled cotton mini skirt from JACQUEMUS is quite the statement piece with its beautiful and distinctive design.

Ruffled Cotton Mini Skirt


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  1. Ruffled Cotton Mini Skirt

Sana’s Look #1

Sana was a vision in a rhinestone-embellished vest top from Prada.

Rhinestone-embellished Vest Top


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  1. Rhinestone-embellished Vest Top

Sana’s Look #2

Here, she effortlessly mixed elegance with a trendy edge by wearing a light peach crepe satin minidress by Vivienne Westwood with a pair of R13’s black and white double stack cracked-effect leather boots,

Nova Cora Crêpe Satin Minidress


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Cracked-effect Leather Boots


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  1. Nova Cora Crêpe Satin Minidress
  2. Cracked-effect Leather Boots

Jihyo’s Look #1

To say that Jihyo was captivating in an ivory satin top from Lovers & Friends and a crystal-embellished silver mini skirt from Retrofete would be an understatement.

Adler Top


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Crystal-embellished Mini Skirt


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  1. Adler Top
  2. Crystal-embellished Mini Skirt

Jihyo’s Look #2

This outfit of hers featured a denim corset top from Poster Girl.

Calamity Corset Top


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  1. Calamity Corset Top

Mina’s Look #1

As for Mina, she achieved a memorable look in her silver sequined tank top from Oséree combined with a black satin mini skirt with buckle straps from Giuseppe Di Morabito.

Necklace Sequinned Tank Top


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Satin Mini Skirt W/ Buckle Straps


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  1. Necklace Sequinned Tank Top
  2. Satin Mini Skirt W/ Buckle Straps

Mina’s Look #2

In the final look, she cut an attractive figure in a striped ecru Jean Paul Gaultier suit ensemble composed of a cropped twill top, a suit cincher corset, and pleated lace-up wide-leg pants.

Cropped Striped Twill Top


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Striped Twill Wide-leg Pants


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The Suit Cincher Corset


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  1. Cropped Striped Twill Top
  2. Striped Twill Wide-leg Pants
  3. The Suit Cincher Corset

Whose outfits do you like best?

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