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STRAY KIDS Are Ready To Rock The Holidays In Style As Showcased By Their ‘Christmas EveL’ Music Video

STRAY KIDS Christmas Evel MV Fashion

It’s the holiday season and STRAY KIDS have just brought an early Christmas to all of us. Carrying out their Santa duties, the boys were found cruising around town, leaving presents and getting caught by unsuspecting kids in their holiday special single ‘Christmas EveL’ music video. Jingling all the way, they looked charming in the traditional red and white Santa suits, but there were other everyday fashionable looks that caught our eyes.

Well, in case you missed them, let’s have a look at every outfit in the MV that was just on point.  

A Fashion Breakdown On STRAY KIDS' Christmas EveL MV

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STRAY KIDS’ ‘Christmas EveL’ MV Fashion

Bang Chan’s Look

Bang Chan was easy to spot in his acid green, merino-knit jumper from 032c. Not only is it a cozy look but it’s also effective against the chill.

Berlin Intarsia Merino-knit Jumper


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Changbin’s Look

Changbin’s all-white ensemble featured Nike‘s overalls which is rather dapper, to say the least.

  1. Overall

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Seungmin’s Look

Trust Seungmin to reaffirm the stylistic dominance of bucket hats. This padded re-nylon bucket hat from Prada paired with his cardigan is quite the look.

Padded re-nylon Bucket Hat


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I.N’s Look

If you’re wondering where I.N got his black sheer hoodie, then look no further because we have found it for you and it’s by Helmut Lang. Moreover, his look wouldn’t have been complete with the help of this ultra-chic logo plaque visor by Prada.

Black Sheer HWT Hoodie


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Felix’s Look

These technical jersey sweatpants by Gucci are both comfortable and stylish, after all, “Felix is never bad”.

Technical Jersey Sweatpants


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Hyunjin’s Look

Blink and you will miss it but we got your back. This logo-print cotton t-shirt by Marni is the one Hyunjin paired with his yellow jacket.

Logo-print Cotton T-shirt


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