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Somi Deals With Heartbreak In Phenomenal Fashion In Her Latest Music Video ‘XOXO’

Somi XOXO MV Fashion

Somi dropped a bomb music video on October 29 with the name of ‘XOXO’ in which she deals with her heartbreak with on-point lyrics and outstanding singing. Oh, and she shows off an astonishing set of fashion to ensure her ex-lover has some regrets!

Today, we’re breaking down the jaw-dropping outfits Somi showed in her MV. So, read on and be amazed!

A Fashion Breakdown On Somi's XOXO MV

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Somi’s ‘XOXO’ MV Fashion

Look #1

For her first look, this pretty girl layered a vintage marble cropped denim jacket by Guess on a stunning tie-dye pattern sequinned mini dress by Ashish.

Somi XOXO MV K-pop Fashion - Look 1-2

Marble Cropped Denim Jacket


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Tie-dye Sequinned Mini Dress


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  1. Marble Cropped Denim Jacket
  2. Tie-dye Sequinned Mini Dress

Look #2

We are all for the spooky vibes this look of Somi’s gives us! For this one, she opted for a round sequined mesh skirt from PACO RABANNE and a pair of Campsite VLOGO leather combat boots from VALENTINO.

Somi XOXO MV K-pop Fashion - Look 2-2

Round Sequined Mesh Skirt


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Campsite Vlogo Combat Boots


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  1. Round Sequined Mesh Skirt
  2. Campsite Vlogo Combat Boots

Look #3

As for this spoiled princess look, Somi totally nailed it with the help of a sky blue ball gown from ACT N°1. And you may be surprised by her footwear: a pair of Chuck Taylor 70 high-top sneakers from Converse. But it looked gorgeous anyway!

Ball Gown


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Chuck Taylor 70 High-top Sneakers


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  1. Ball Gown
  2. Chuck Taylor 70 High-top Sneakers

Look #4

And since it’s Halloween, Somi celebrated it her way by wearing a black crystal trim heart tank top by AREA and a cropped fringe jacket by Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini on top.

Cropped Fringe Jacket


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Crystal Trim Heart Tank Top


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Clasp Pleated Skirt


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  1. Cropped Fringe Jacket
  2. Crystal Trim Heart Tank Top
  3. Clasp Pleated Skirt

Look #5

Somi pulled off the best bad girl look ever when she paired a cool scarf-detail silk T-shirt by Junya Watanabe with black patent platform ankle boots by VETEMENTS.

Somi XOXO MV K-pop Fashion - Look 5-2

Scarf-detail Silk T-shirt


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Platform Ankle Boots


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  1. Scarf-detail Silk T-shirt
  2. Platform Ankle Boots

Look #6

Queen Somi totally slayed in this outfit, which included a glamorous diamond-check faux-fur coat by Casablanca and a slogan-print T-shirt by Patou.

Diamond-check Faux-fur Coat


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Slogan-print T-shirt


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  1. Diamond-check Faux-fur Coat
  2. Slogan-print T-shirt

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