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SEVENTEEN Serves Up A Fresh Colorful Fashion Feast In Their New Lively Music Video For ‘God Of Music’

SEVENTEEN God Of Music MV Fashion

October 23rd marked the release of SEVENTEEN’s latest hit, ‘God Of Music’, which has quickly taken over everyone’s playlists. This song is the full package –  It’s got a lively tempo that’ll make you groove and an atmosphere that radiates joy. And the fashion? Well, it’s impressive enough to make the runway jealous.

The boys’ style was on point throughout the entire music video, consistently wowing viewers with their picture-perfect appearances. Let’s quickly dive right into the fashion-forward moments that you definitely shouldn’t miss in ‘God Of Music’!

A Fashion Breakdown On SEVENTEEN's God Of Music MV

SEVENTEEN’s ‘God Of Music’ MV Fashion

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Joshua’s Look #1

Joshua‘s cozy outfit got the perfect finishing touch with the Greg Lauren cropped jacket.

SEVENTEEN God Of Music MV Kpop Fashion - Joshua - Look 1

Ice Fisherman Cropped Gl1


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  1. Ice Fisherman Cropped Gl1

Joshua’s Look #2

To achieve a cute look with a touch of soft colors, he sported the fashionable quilted bomber jacket from Palm Angels.

Palmity Quilted Bomber Jacket


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  1. Palmity Quilted Bomber Jacket

Hoshi’s Look #1

Hoshi‘s fashion game was on point, showcasing a delightful touch of vintage by combining an Alanui graphic-embroidered hoodie with an ACNE STUDIOS kobbit ear-flap knitted hat.

SEVENTEEN God Of Music MV Kpop Fashion - Hoshi - Look 1

Graphic-embroidered Hoodie


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Kobbit Ear-flap Knitted Hat


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  1. Graphic-embroidered Hoodie
  2. Kobbit Ear-flap Knitted Hat

Hoshi’s Look #2

To round off a stylish outfit, Hoshi opted for none other than these Who Decide War flared jeans.

Tie-dye Layered Cropped Sweatshirt


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Farley Hill Husk Flared Jeans


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Geobasket High-top Sneakers


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  1. Tie-dye Layered Cropped Sweatshirt
  2. Farley Hill Husk Flared Jeans
  3. Geobasket High-top Sneakers

Vernon’s Look 

Vernon‘s fashion statement was nothing short of perfection, looking his best in a Maison Margiela logo-print distressed T-shirt, an Andersson Bell jacquard patchwork jacket layered on top, and AMIRI Record wide-leg jeans.

SEVENTEEN God Of Music MV Kpop Fashion - Vernon - Look 1

Unisex Jacquard Patchwork Jacket


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Logo-print Distressed T-shirt


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Record Wide-leg Jeans


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  1. Unisex Jacquard Patchwork Jacket
  2. Logo-print Distressed T-shirt
  3. Record Wide-leg Jeans

S.Coups’s Look 

S.Coups dared to be different with an edgy fashion statement that’s definitely noteworthy, rocking a SANKUANZ skeleton print hoodie and matching it with wide-leg drawstring sweatpants.

Skeleton Print Hoodie
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Skeleton Print Sweatpants
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  1. Skeleton Print Hoodie
  2. Skeleton Print Sweatpants

Wonwoo’s Look 

Wonwoo is a master at blending casual and class, and he executed it flawlessly with a beige wool blazer from Kapital and a pair of brown star-cut boots from Andrej Gronau.



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Brown Star Cut Boots


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  1. Jacket
  2. Brown Star Cut Boots

Mingyu’s Look 

Mingyu‘s handsome looks and fashion sense were on full display as he rocked a dashing brown-and-black blazer from ANDREJ GRONAU and completed the look with Gucci slim-fit straight-leg jeans.

Brown & Black Blazer


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Printed Silk Frayed Jeans


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  1. Brown & Black Blazer
  2. Printed Silk Frayed Jeans

Seungkwan’s Look #1

Seungkwan‘s adorable outfit won hearts, and he put the finishing touch with a pair of EYTYS jeans.

SEVENTEEN God Of Music MV Kpop Fashion - Seungkwan - Look 1

Blue Benz Jeans


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  1. Blue Benz Jeans

Seungkwan’s Look #2

His second look was a celebration of colors as he paired a tie-dye-print pleated T-shirt and matching tie-dye-print pleated wide-leg shorts, both from Etudes.

Tie-dye Cotton Shirt


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Tie-dye-print Pleated Wide-leg Shorts


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  1. Tie-dye Cotton Shirt
  2. Tie-dye-print Pleated Wide-leg Shorts

Jeonghan’s Look #1

Jeonghan showcased his impeccable fashion sense by pairing an Andersson Bell fringed-hem jumper with a SAINT LAURENT Geometric-print silk-twill scarf.

Fringed-hem Jumper


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Geometric-print Silk-twill Scarf


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  1. Fringed-hem Jumper
  2. Geometric-print Silk-twill Scarf

Jeonghan’s Look #2

He nailed his vibrant look by choosing an Alanui tie-dye virgin-wool cardigan, flawlessly paired with Alexander McQueen tie-dye print bermuda shorts.

Tie-dye Virgin-wool Cardigan


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Tie-dye Print Bermuda Shorts


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  1. Tie-dye Virgin-wool Cardigan
  2. Tie-dye Print Bermuda Shorts

The8’s Look 

The8 effortlessly pulled off a relaxed yet stylish outfit that anyone can copy, featuring a Givenchy overlapped hooded T-shirt and Diesel trousers.

Overlapped Hooded T-shirt


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Logo-embroidered Trousers


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  1. Overlapped Hooded T-shirt
  2. Logo-embroidered Trousers

Jun’s Look #1

Jun completely captured hearts with his irresistibly cute look, showcasing a MAISON MARGIELA + Pendleton fringed panelled checked wool cardigan.

SEVENTEEN God Of Music MV Kpop Fashion - Jun - Look 1

Fringed Panelled Checked Cardigan


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  1. Fringed Panelled Checked Cardigan

Jun’s Look #2

Showing off yet another adorable look, Jun beautifully paired a Mauna Kea tie-dye print hoodie with Alanui Moonrise tie-dye jeans.

Tie-dye Print Hoodie


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Moonrise Tie-dye Jeans


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  1. Tie-dye Print Hoodie
  2. Moonrise Tie-dye Jeans

Dino’s Look

With a dash of style and a burst of color, Dino appeared in a cute, blurry crocheted knit cardigan from Vivienne Westwood.

Blurry Crochet-knit Cardigan


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  1. Blurry Crochet-knit Cardigan

Woozi’s Look 

Woozi‘s ensemble was a visual delight, exuding a charming and adorable vibe with his Bode embroidered jacket, Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Peterson low-top sneakers, and the final touch of an Acne Studios logo-print bucket hat.

SEVENTEEN God Of Music MV Kpop Fashion - Woozi - Look 1

Embroidered Cotton Jacket


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Logo-print Bucket Hat


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Peterson Low-top Sneakers


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  1. Embroidered Cotton Jacket
  2. Logo-print Bucket Hat
  3. Peterson Low-top Sneakers

DK’s Look #1

DK looked like a fashion angel in his white double-layered Givenchy hoodie, oozing style all the way.

SEVENTEEN God Of Music MV Kpop Fashion - DK - Look 1

Double Layered Hoodie


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  1. Double Layered Hoodie

DK’s Look #2

His second look features a trendy tie-dye virgin wool knit cardigan from Alanui. 

Tie Dye Virgin Wool Knit Cardigan


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  1. Tie Dye Virgin Wool Knit Cardigan

Whose outfits do you like best?

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