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SEVENTEEN Embody The Chaos Of The World In Their Fashion For The ‘F*ck My Life’ Music Video

SEVENTEEN F*ck My Life MV Fashion

SEVENTEEN shook the music scene with their smash hit album ‘FML’ which came out on April 24. With the album featuring two lead singles, all eyes are on the music video for ‘F*ck My Life’ released on May 8, featuring the members in a diverse range of outfits as they sing about the challenges of the chaotic world and the hope to find themselves. 

Let’s take a look at their eclectic fashion in this introspective music video.

A Fashion Breakdown On SEVENTEEN's Fck My Life MV

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SEVENTEEN’S ‘F*ck My Life’ MV Fashion

Dino’s Look

Dino dons a studded jacket from Wales Bonner for his cinematic scene in the MV.

SEVENTEEN F*ck My Life MV Kpop Fashion - Dino

Delta Studded Jacket


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  1. Delta Studded Jacket

DK’s Look

DK goes with an artistic painting-print reversible bomber jacket from Balmain for an aesthetic appearance.

Painting-print Bomber Jacket


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  1. Painting-print Bomber Jacket

Hoshi’s Look

Hoshi‘s carefree outfit is highlighted by a stylish layered jersey from Who Decides War.

Layered Jersey


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  1. Layered Jersey

Jeonghan’s Look

This red grey oversized plaid shirtdress from R13 envelopes Jeonghan in an aura of serenity in the MV.

Oversized Plaid Shirtdress


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  1. Oversized Plaid Shirtdress

Joshua’s Look

Joshua‘s denim look consisting of a stonewashed denim blazer and matching marbleized denim jeans from Miu Miu is both dapper and fun.

Stonewashed Denim Blazer


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Marbleised Denim Jeans


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  1. Stonewashed Denim Blazer
  2. Marbleised Denim Jeans

Jun’s Look

Underneath his flowy oversized look, Jun wears a Raf Simons logo-patch mesh vest top for an interesting look.

SEVENTEEN F*ck My Life MV Kpop Fashion - Jun

Logo-patch Mesh Vest Top


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  1. Logo-patch Mesh Vest Top

Mingyu’s Look

Mingyu delivers a flattering look in a denim-trim leather jacket from Greg Lauren

Denim-trim Leather Jacket


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  1. Denim-trim Leather Jacket

S.Coups’ Look

S.Coups stands out in a flashy burgundy embellished shell bomber jacket from Celine worn over a dysfunctional bauhaus cutout T-shirt, also from Celine.

SEVENTEEN F*ck My Life MV Kpop Fashion - S.Coups

Embellished Shell Bomber Jacket


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Dysfunctional Bauhaus T-shirt


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  1. Embellished Shell Bomber Jacket
  2. Dysfunctional Bauhaus T-shirt

The8’s Look

The8‘s choice of a fringed monogram boyhood denim jacket from Louis Vuitton in a pleasing lavender is very eye-catching. 

SEVENTEEN F*ck My Life MV Kpop Fashion - The8

Fringed Denim Jacket


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Trooper Rubber Low Boots


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  2. Trooper Rubber Low Boots

Vernon’s Look

Vernon‘s fuzzy and soft look consists of a 23 open-knot jumper from Vaquera paired with tie-dye wide-leg jeans from Amiri.

23 Open-knit Jumper


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Tie-dye Wide-leg Jeans


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  1. 23 Open-knit Jumper
  2. Tie-dye Wide-leg Jeans

Woozi’s Look

Woozi‘s distinct fashion has him donning an embellished distressed denim and camouflage-print ripstop jacket from Celine.

SEVENTEEN F*ck My Life MV Kpop Fashion - Woozi

Denim Camouflage-Print Jacket


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