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SEVENTEEN Brightens Up Fans’ Day With Tons Of Joyful Fashion Picks In Their Newly-Released Music Video ‘Darl+ing’

SEVENTEEN Darl+ing MV Fashion

A great love song for the fanbase and amazing outfits with a nice splash of color – that’s basically ‘Darl+ing’ in a nutshell! On April 15, the K-pop boyband SEVENTEEN dropped their first love letter to their English-speaking fans…  in English! 

‘Darl+ing’ was a lighthearted song that got the message across, and as fashion lovers, we noticed some of the most beautiful, colorful fashion moments ever in the song’s music video. So, we had to break them down for you today and show you exactly what these handsome boys wore in the MV. Let’s jump right into it!

A Fashion Breakdown On SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing MV

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SEVENTEEN’s ‘Darl+ing’ MV Fashion

Vernon’s Look #1

Vernon was the first to appear in the MV, along with his stylish outfit that featured an embroidered-logo jumper from ETRO.

SEVENTEEN Darl+ing MV Kpop Fashion - Vernon - Look 1

Embroidered-logo Jumper


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  1. Embroidered-logo Jumper

Vernon’s Look #2

Vermon won’t stop looking like an absolute stud. For this look, he opted for a chic rib block cardigan knit from System.

Rib Block Knit Cardigan


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  1. Rib Block Knit Cardigan

Joshua’s Look #1

And there’s Joshua, who showed off a charming look that featured a one-of-a-kind oblique sweater from DIOR.

Dior Oblique Sweater


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  1. Dior Oblique Sweater

Joshua’s Look #2

Another unique piece that Joshua donned from DIOR is this stylish Dior and Peter Doig sweater.

Dior And Peter Doig Sweater


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  1. Dior And Peter Doig Sweater

Mingyu’s Look

We totally love how cute Mingyu looked in this floral paisley denim patchwork jacket by ETRO.

Denim Patchwork Jacket


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  1. Denim Patchwork Jacket

Wonwoo’s Look

Speaking of cuteness, check out Wonwoo wearing a scarf-detail single-breasted blazer and pair of lazy layered trousers from Y/Project.

SEVENTEEN Darl+ing MV Kpop Fashion - Wonwoo - Look 1

Scarf-detail Blazer


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Lazy Layered Trousers


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  1. Scarf-detail Blazer
  2. Lazy Layered Trousers

Woozi’s Look #1

If you’re having a bad day, this cheerful look by Woozi can definitely make it better. It consisted of a colorful cotton and silk foulard scarf and a rose print denim jacket, both by Acne Studios.

Opah Rose Print Denim Jacket


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Multicolor Scarf


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  1. Opah Rose Print Denim Jacket
  2. Multicolor Scarf

Woozi’s Look #2

Is there anything more good-looking than Woozi in LANVIN’s knit polo shirt? We doubt there is!

Knit Polo Shirt


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  1. Knit Polo Shirt

Dino’s Look

We loved the cheerful vibes Dino brought us here with his cute outfit, which consisted of an appliqué-logo shirt from JW Anderson and a gradient wool sweatshirt from ERL.

Gradient Wool Sweatshirt


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Appliqué-logo Shirt


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  1. Gradient Wool Sweatshirt
  2. Appliqué-logo Shirt

DK’s Look #1

DK pulled off a cute, cheerful look by layering this foliage lace unlined snap button shirt jacket from TOGA VIRILIS on a monogram-pattern polo shirt from Casablanca.

SEVENTEEN Darl+ing MV Kpop Fashion - DK - Look 1

Foliage Lace Shirt Jacket


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Monogram-pattern Polo Shirt


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  1. Foliage Lace Shirt Jacket
  2. Monogram-pattern Polo Shirt

DK’s Look #2

We absolutely loved how simple yet stunning DK looked in the MV when he wore Jil Sander’s embroidered patch virgin wool jumper.

Embroidered Patch Jumper


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  1. Embroidered Patch Jumper

Hoshi’s Look #1

If you liked Hoshi’s stylish distressed canvas sneakers here, you can get the exact same pair for yourself from VISVIM!

Distressed Canvas Sneakers


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  1. Distressed Canvas Sneakers

Hoshi’s Look #2

Hoshi took colorful fashion to another cute level when he wore this pretty wave-print logo bomber jacket from Casablanca.

Wave-print Logo Bomber Jacket


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  1. Wave-print Logo Bomber Jacket

Jun’s Look #1

Nothing beats simple, clean looks, especially this one that Jun wore, which featured a super stylish gradation crochet knit top from System.

SEVENTEEN Darl+ing MV Kpop Fashion - Jun - Look 1

Gradation Crochet Knit Top


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  1. Gradation Crochet Knit Top

Jun’s Look #2

Whether you wear it on its own or layer it like Jun did, Casablanca’s logo-embroidered color block jumper will never disappoint you!

Logo-embroidered Jumper


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  1. Logo-embroidered Jumper

S.Coups’ Look #1

No words can describe how fascinating S.Coups looked here in this striped rib-knit polo shirt from Marni.

SEVENTEEN Darl+ing MV Kpop Fashion - Scoups - Look 1

Striped Rib-knit Polo Shirt


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  1. Striped Rib-knit Polo Shirt

S.Coups’ Look #2

This look of his is for all the fashion freaks out there. You’ll definitely like this fashionable ensemble, which consists of a crocheted straight-point collar shirt from Sunflower topped with a light green soutien collar coat from AURALEE.

Green Soutien Collar Coat


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Crocheted Shirt


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  1. Green Soutien Collar Coat
  2. Crocheted Shirt

The8’s Look #1

The8 was the fans’ Prince Charming when he showed up wearing Munn’s white tweed jacket and CASABLANCA’s beige diamond monogram shirt underneath.

White 4-pocket Tweed Jacket


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Beige Diamond Monogram Shirt


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  1. White 4-pocket Tweed Jacket
  2. Beige Diamond Monogram Shirt

The8’s Look #2

Looking as charming as usual, The8 wore a masterpiece knitted polo shirt from Marine Serre.

Knitted Polo Shirt


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  1. Knitted Polo Shirt

Seungkwan’s Look #1

We had to stop and marvel at this fabulous fashion moment brought to us by Seungkwan. Here’s the breakdown for you: He creatively topped off an all-over graphic print shirt from BODE with an off-white shirt from DOUBLET.

Off-White Milk Fibre Shirt


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All-over Graphic Print Shirt


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  1. Off-White Milk Fibre Shirt
  2. All-over Graphic Print Shirt

Seungkwan’s Look #2

He brought another outfit to the table that we absolutely fell for. This time, he used a pretty Le Maille Menta knit from JACQUEMUS.

Le Maille Menta


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  1. Le Maille Menta

Jeonghan’s Look #1

And off to Jeonghan, who pulled off an elegant look with a twist by opting for a geometric G-print shirt from GUCCI.

SEVENTEEN Darl+ing MV Kpop Fashion - Jeonghan - Look 1

Geometric G-print Shirt


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  1. Geometric G-print Shirt

Jeonghan’s Look #2

He can pull off cute looks, too! Check him out looking all cute and comfortable in AMOMENTO’s off-white open knit vest.

Off-White Open Knit Vest


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  1. Off-White Open Knit Vest

Whose outfits do you like best?

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