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RED VELVET Is Back For The Spooky Season In Punk-Inspired Fashion Choices In The ‘Chill Kill’ Music Video

RED VELVET Chill Kill MV Fashion

RED VELVET finally arrived with a third studio album ‘Chill Kill’ on November 13 and to say that everyone is excited would be an understatement. The title track of the same name is an upbeat pop dance number with a spooky music video in true RED VELVET fashion.

To make things better, the girl group embraced elements of punk and emo in their styling for the video to match the dark ambiance. Let’s check out the outfit choices below.

A Fashion Breakdown On RED VELVET's Chill Kill MV

RED VELVET’s ‘Chill Kill’ MV Fashion

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Yeri’s Look #1

At the very beginning of the video, Yeri wore a heart panel baby tee from MARC JACOBS with a black pleated mini skirt from Prada for a simple look that featured a hint of rebellion.

Heart Panel Baby Tee


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Pleated Mini Skirt


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  1. Heart Panel Baby Tee
  2. Pleated Mini Skirt

Yeri’s Look #2

She then changed into a light blue sheer-coverage knitted dress from CORMIO and sported a blue pattern knit earflap beanie from LMC.

Knit Earflap Beanie


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Sheer-coverage Knitted Dress


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  1. Knit Earflap Beanie
  2. Sheer-coverage Knitted Dress

Irene’s Look #1

Irene styled a pink and brown micro cardigan with a coordinating rib knit camisole and heart scallop mini skirt, all from GUIZIO, for a cute pastel outfit that stood out against the dark backdrop.

RED VELVET Chill Kill MV Kpop Fashion - Irene - Look 1-2

Pink & Brown Micro Cardigan


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Pink Cielo Camisole


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Pink Heart Scallop Miniskirt


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  1. Pink & Brown Micro Cardigan
  2. Pink Cielo Camisole
  3. Pink Heart Scallop Miniskirt

Irene’s Look #2

In another look, she went with a white knit off-shoulder sweater from GUIZIO and accessorized with a fluffy triangle ivory balaclava from THETIS.

Fluffy Triangle Balaclava


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White Bayberi Sweater


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  1. Fluffy Triangle Balaclava
  2. White Bayberi Sweater

Irene’s Look #3

Irene donned a rose-patterned white mini skirt from THETIS with two footwear options. In one scene, she mixed the look with a sleek pair of lilac satin platform boots by MARC JACOBS, and in the final choreography scene, she wore black and white double stack cracked-effect leather boots from R13.

RED VELVET Chill Kill MV Kpop Fashion - Irene - Look 3

Wool Long Sleeves T-shirts


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Solid Rose Mono Skirt


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Silver Flying Heart Single Earring


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Suri Half-hoop Single Earring


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Satin Kiki Boot


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Double Stack Cracked-effect Boots


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  1. Wool Long Sleeves T-shirts
  2. Solid Rose Mono Skirt
  3. Silver Flying Heart Single Earring
  4. Suri Half-hoop Single Earring
  5. Satin Kiki Boot
  6. Double Stack Cracked-effect Boots

Wendy’s Look #1

Wendy channeled the essence of the emo aesthetic in a graphic print blue slit tee from GYEONG elegantly paired with an edgy dark denim and pleat combination mini skirt from Current Mood.

Imagine Graphic Slit Tee


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Snarky Statement Mini Skirt


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  1. Imagine Graphic Slit Tee
  2. Snarky Statement Mini Skirt

Wendy’s Look #2

Going for a different look this time, Wendy showcased a delicate style in a cream shade hand butterfly knit crop top and an ivory lace cotton-blend skirt, both of which are from THETIS.

Hand Butterfly Crop Wool Knit


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Lace Cotton Blend Skirt


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  1. Hand Butterfly Crop Wool Knit
  2. Lace Cotton Blend Skirt

Wendy’s Look #3

Here, she combined a yellow jacquard check pattern vest from Marni with a pleated mini skirt to achieve a preppy look. The outfit was further elevated with a playful twist, courtesy of graffiti print double grommet flatform sneakers from R13.

RED VELVET Chill Kill MV Kpop Fashion - Wendy - Look 3

Yellow Check Vest


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Flatform Sneakers


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  1. Yellow Check Vest
  2. Flatform Sneakers

Joy’s Look #1

Joy‘s incredible look is made up of an artwork motif shrunken ringer baby tee by MARC JACOBS layered over a cropped ribbed cardigan of the same brand, complete with a punk-inspired high-waisted black tulle mini skirt from Widow with hanging grommet straps.  

Cyborg Cropped Cardigan


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Eri Baby Tee


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Sweet Release Mini Skirt


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  1. Cyborg Cropped Cardigan
  2. Eri Baby Tee
  3. Sweet Release Mini Skirt

Joy’s Look #2

She exuded grace in an ivory ruffled-trim woven midi dress by HOUSE OF SUNNY.

Fiore Bianco Ruffled-trim Woven Midi Dress


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  1. Fiore Bianco Ruffled-trim Woven Midi Dress

Joy’s Look #3

Joy’s multicolor printed long-sleeve T-shirt from GUIZIO is the highlight of her outfit in this scene.

Printed Long Sleeve T-Shirt


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  1. Printed Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Seulgi’s Look #1

In a final stunning look, Seulgi effortlessly pulled off a showstopping blue rib knit mini dress from PRAYING with a beige Apice beanie from MAX MARA.

Apice Virgin Wool Beanie


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Blue Hail Mary Minidress


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  1. Apice Virgin Wool Beanie
  2. Blue Hail Mary Minidress

Seulgi’s Look #2

Raglan Long Sleeve Tee


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Patch Buts Cut Denim Jeans


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  1. Raglan Long Sleeve Tee
  2. Patch Buts Cut Denim Jeans

Whose outfits do you like best?

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