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NCT DREAM Are Charmingly Lovestruck In Boyish Fashion For The ‘Broken Melodies’ Music Video

NCT DREAM Broken Melodies MV Fashion

NCT DREAM‘s pre-release single ‘Broken Melodies’ is the vocally-charged bereft prelude to their upcoming third album ‘ISTJ’. The track is reminiscent of the early 2010s boy band sound in the best way possible with lovestruck lyrics cycled in a bright catchy pop tune.

At the same time, the music video manages to capture the infatuated sentiments of the song, especially in terms of the boyish fashion embodied by the group. So, let’s take a closer look at the outfits seen in the video.

A Fashion Breakdown On NCT DREAM's Broken Melodies MV

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NCT DREAM’s ‘Broken Melodies’ MV Fashion

Jeno’s Look

In quite a youthful look, Jeno begins the sweet melody in a white and blue number-print knitted hoodie from MM6 Maison Margiela paired with heavily distressed jeans.

Number-print Knitted Hoodie


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Renjun’s Look

Renjun confidently sported a brown trucker cap from Amiri along with an embroidered-logo bomber jacket from the same brand.

Embroidered-logo Bomber Jacket


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Brown Trucker Cap


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  2. Brown Trucker Cap

Chenle’s Look #1

Chenle cut an artistic figure in a tan denim vest from GALLERY DEPT worn over a rather fitting paint splatter-print check shirt from Palm Angels.  

Logan Denim Vest


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Paint Splatter-print Check Shirt


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  2. Paint Splatter-print Check Shirt

Chenle’s Look #2

He then changed into a perforated GG cotton jumper from Gucci for a more casual look.

Perforated GG Cotton Jumper


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  1. Perforated GG Cotton Jumper

Haechan’s Look #1

Haechan‘s round-neck intarsia sweater from Saint Laurent is another comfortable outfit choice from the music video.

Intarsia Cotton-blend Sweater


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  1. Intarsia Cotton-blend Sweater

Haechan’s Look #2

In what could definitely qualify as an effortlessly chic look, Haechan wore a pastel blue relaxed viscose blazer from Amiri.

Relaxed Viscose Blazer


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  1. Relaxed Viscose Blazer

Mark’s Look

Mark was easy to spot in his distressed tie-dye cardigan from R13.

Distressed Tie-dye Cardigan


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  1. Distressed Tie-dye Cardigan

Jisung’s Look

As for Jisung, he styled a white ‘Tuesday’ T-shirt from UNDERCOVER with a pink printed cotton-jersey hoodie from Celine.

Alyss Estay Printed Hoodie


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White 'Tuesday' T-Shirt


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Jaemin’s Look

Jaemin looked like a webtoon character come to life in his yellow referee sweater by Lacoste x Roland Garros, dark beige contrast-trim Bermuda shorts from Lanvin, and a pair of light beige suede derbys from CLARKS ORIGINALS.

Unisex Referee Sweater


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Contrast-trim Bermuda Shorts


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Beige Suede Wallabee Derbys


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Whose outfits do you like best?

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