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LE SSERAFIM Are Fashionable Rebels In The Cowboy-Styled Music Video For ‘Unforgiven’

LE SSERAFIM Unforgiven MV Fashion

LE SSERAFIM released their first full-length studio album ‘Unforgiven’ on May 1st, 2023, the eve of their first anniversary. The eponymous title track features music by the renowned producer Nile Rodgers. In the immersive cowboy-themed music video, the girls channel rebellious spirits as they tear social conventions apart. In terms of fashion, the on-point Western styling elevated the video from epic to gorgeous.

Here are the outfits showcased by LE SSERAFIM in the music video. 

A Fashion Breakdown On LE SSERAFIM's Unforgiven MV

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LE SSERAFIM’s ‘Unforgiven’ MV Fashion

Kazuha’s Look #1

Kazuha absolutely shone in a black spaghetti-string crop top and flared trousers with a belt design from Coperni, topped with a cowboy hat to suit the theme.

Belt Flared Trousers


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  1. Belt Flared Trousers

Kazuha’s Look #2

In this visually stunning angelic moment, she wore a white sleeveless ribbed knit dress from Courrèges with stretch-nappa-leather thong boots from Miu Miu to tie the look together.

LE SSERAFIM Unforgiven MV Kpop Fashion - Kazuha - Look 2
LE SSERAFIM Unforgiven MV Kpop Fashion - Kazuha - Look 2

Ribbed Mini Dress


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Thong Boots


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  1. Ribbed Mini Dress
  2. Thong Boots

Kazuha’s Look #3

Kazuha then changed into the classic combination of a basic crop top and wide-leg jeans from Diesel.

Crystal-embellished Bralette


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D-sire 007i2 Wide-leg Jeans


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  1. Crystal-embellished Bralette
  2. D-sire 007i2 Wide-leg Jeans

Sakura’s Look #1

Sakura matched her black leather fringe shirt from R13 with equally impressive tall leather boots from Miu Miu.

Black Leather Fringe Shirt


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Tall Leather Boots


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  1. Black Leather Fringe Shirt
  2. Tall Leather Boots

Sakura’s Look #2

Next up, she made a style statement in a black logo bodysuit from Courrèges paired with a low-rise mini skirt from Coperni.

Logo Patch Body


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Low-rise Mini Skirt


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  1. Logo Patch Body
  2. Low-rise Mini Skirt

Sakura’s Look #3

As for her look in the group denim outfit, Sakura opted for a white active stretch logo bodysuit from ALEXANDERWANG.T to go with her ripped jeans. 

White Active Stretch Logo Bodysuit


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Le Cagole Embellished Belt


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  1. White Active Stretch Logo Bodysuit
  2. Le Cagole Embellished Belt

Yunjin’s Look

Wearing a corset top by Dolce & Gabbana x Kim Kardashian with her ripped denims, Yunjin put a trendy spin on her outfit.

Embellished Corset


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Pixel Heart Ripped Jeans


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  1. Embellished Corset
  2. Pixel Heart Ripped Jeans

Chaewon’s Look #1

Chaewon‘s belted-waist slim-cut sleek trousers from Coperni are the ideal pairing to her belted top.

Black Belted Camisole


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Belted-waist Slim-cut Trousers


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Black Motif Belt


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  1. Black Belted Camisole
  2. Belted-waist Slim-cut Trousers
  3. Black Motif Belt

Chaewon’s Look #2

Similarly, she coordinated a double denim look from Diesel with its cropped vest and distressed-effect wide-leg jeans.

Cropped Denim Vest


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Distressed-effect Jeans


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  1. Cropped Denim Vest
  2. Distressed-effect Jeans

Chaewon’s Look #3

Leather-trimmed Cowboy Hat


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Black Lurna Tall Boots


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  1. Leather-trimmed Cowboy Hat
  2. Black Lurna Tall Boots

Eunchae’s Look #1

Eunchae wore a fringed stretch jersey top from Alexandre Vauthier with a distinct pair of multi-buckle tall moto boots from Miu Miu.

Fringed Stretch Jersey Top


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Multi Buckle Tall Moto Boots


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  1. Fringed Stretch Jersey Top
  2. Multi Buckle Tall Moto Boots

Eunchae’s Look #2

Her cute outfit here features a black horn vest from Coperni and an Alexander Wang crystal-embellished bunny bag.

LE SSERAFIM Unforgiven MV Kpop Fashion - Eunchae - Look 2

Black Horn Vest


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Crystal-embellished Bunny Bag


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  1. Black Horn Vest
  2. Crystal-embellished Bunny Bag

Eunchae’s Look #3

In the final look, we see Eunchae sporting a ‘1921 Gucci‘ print T-shirt from the brand itself.

  1. T-shirt

Whose outfits do you like best?

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