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LE SSERAFIM’s Newly-Released Music Video ‘Antifragile’ Is An Absolute Fashion Thrill Ride!

LE SSERAFIM Antifragile MV Fashion

We don’t see amazing fashion choices every day, but we definitely did on October 17 when LE SSERAFIM dropped their latest bomb, ‘Antifragile’!

With that being said, be prepared to have your jaws dropped to the ground and read on as we break down the awe-inspiring looks showcased by the five beauties: Kazuha, Eunchae, Chaewon, Yunjin, and Sakura!

A Fashion Breakdown On LE SSERAFIM's Antifragile MV

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LE SSERAFIM’s ‘Antifragile’ MV Fashion

Kazuha’s Look #1

Let’s kick off with Kazuha’s sporty look, which consisted of a side-stripe fitted T-shirt from Balenciaga and a pair of black Pro Training 365 high-waisted from Nike.

Sporty Side-stripe Fitted T-shirt


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High-waisted Shorts


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Halo Chunky Sneakers


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  1. Sporty Side-stripe Fitted T-shirt
  2. High-waisted Shorts
  3. Halo Chunky Sneakers

Kazuha’s Look #2

She was definitely creative when she paired these white tights from Praying with the Gabrielle skirt from Ashley Williams

Gabrielle Skirt White Bows


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God's Favorite Tights


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  1. Gabrielle Skirt White Bows
  2. God's Favorite Tights

Kazuha’s Look #3

Cropped Wraparound Tie Top


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Oversized Cargo Trousers


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Blue Tribeca Boots


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  1. Cropped Wraparound Tie Top
  2. Oversized Cargo Trousers
  3. Blue Tribeca Boots

Eunchae’s Look #1

You can look just as cute as Eunchae did in the MV by wearing a green acrylic sweater from MARC JACOBS HEAVEN, black floral double-stack platform lace-up boots from R13, and a charm-embellished chain-link necklace from Chopova Lowena.

LE SSERAFIM Antifragile MV Kpop Fashion - Eunchae - Look 1

Green Acrylic Sweater


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Floral Platform Lace-Up Boots


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Charm-embellished Necklace


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  1. Green Acrylic Sweater
  2. Floral Platform Lace-Up Boots
  3. Charm-embellished Necklace

Eunchae’s Look #2

Now isn’t this the coolest way to wear these R13 frayed denim overalls?

LE SSERAFIM Antifragile MV Kpop Fashion - Eunchae - Look 2

Off-White Cotton T-Shirt


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Frayed Denim Overalls


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  1. Off-White Cotton T-Shirt
  2. Frayed Denim Overalls

Eunchae’s Look #3

The Logomania Dress


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White Pop-Up Heart Socks


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Black Mary-Jane Ballerina Flats


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  1. The Logomania Dress
  2. White Pop-Up Heart Socks
  3. Black Mary-Jane Ballerina Flats

Eunchae’s Look #4

One Shoulder Cropped Top


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Eyelet Belt Pleats Skirt


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  1. One Shoulder Cropped Top
  2. Eyelet Belt Pleats Skirt

Chaewon’s Look #1

As for Chaewon, she proudly showed off her enviable figure and these GCDS logo print briefs. And to finish off her denim-on-denim look, she opted for statement AC Maxi earrings from Courrèges.

AC Maxi Earrings


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Logo Print Briefs


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  1. AC Maxi Earrings
  2. Jeans
  3. Logo Print Briefs

Chaewon’s Look #2

This outfit of Chaewon’s was undoubtedly one of the best ones in the MV, which consisted of a Hollywood Babylon-print cotton hoodie from GUCCI and a multicolor polyester mini skirt from PHIPPS.

LE SSERAFIM Antifragile MV Kpop Fashion - Chaewon - Look 2

Hollywood Babylon-print Hoodie


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Multicolor Polyester Mini Skirt


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  1. Hollywood Babylon-print Hoodie
  2. Multicolor Polyester Mini Skirt

Chaewon’s Look #3

Want to instantly turn a boring look into a cool and bold one? Chaewon’s Norbury denim skirt by R13 is the way to go!

Norbury Denim Skirt


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Mid Cowboy Boots


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  1. Norbury Denim Skirt
  2. Mid Cowboy Boots

Chaewon’s Look #4

Cut-out Top


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Snow Boots


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  1. Cut-out Top
  2. Snow Boots

Yunjin‘s Look #1

Fans were all mind-blown by this stunning look of Yunjin’s, which featured a blue Imagination slip dress from PRAYING and a pair of All Over Pierce printed tights from ASHLEY WILLIAMS.

LE SSERAFIM Antifragile MV Kpop Fashion - Yunjin - Look 1

Blue 'Imagination' Slip Dress


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All Over Pierce Printed Tights


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  1. Blue 'Imagination' Slip Dress
  2. All Over Pierce Printed Tights

Yunjin’s Look #2

Yunjin featured one of our favorite looks in ‘Antifragile’, in which she opted for a cute logo-plaque denim top from Prada and a pair of logo jersey briefs from BALENCIAGA.

Logo-plaque Denim Top


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Logo Jersey Briefs


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  1. Logo-plaque Denim Top
  2. Logo Jersey Briefs

Yunjin’s Look #3

Quilted Wide-leg Trousers


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  1. Quilted Wide-leg Trousers

Sakura’s Look #1

You can easily get Sakura’s super cute I Do Not Exist lace cami top from Omighty. You’re welcome! 

I Do Not Exist Lace Cami


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Tessa Cargo Trousers


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  1. I Do Not Exist Lace Cami
  2. Tessa Cargo Trousers

Sakura’s Look #2

Blue Neptune Tank Top


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Cargo Pants


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  1. Blue Neptune Tank Top
  2. Cargo Pants

Whose outfits do you like best?

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