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KEP1ER Dazzled In A Diverse Range Of Bubblegum Palette Outfits In The Music Video For ‘Galileo’

KEP1ER Galileo MV Fashion

Just in time for the fall comeback, KEP1ER dropped their 5th Extended Play ‘Magic Hour’ with ‘Galileo’ as the lead single. The track is incredibly catchy with a quintessential bubbly music video that complements the sound.

Dancing against the backdrop of pastel pink walls, mystique paintings, and the starry night sky, KEP1ER shone brightly in mostly bubblegum palette outfits with diverse shades. Here are all the details below.

A Fashion Breakdown On KEP1ER's Galileo MV

KEP1ER’s ‘Galilieo’ MV Fashion

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Hiraku’s Look #1

First, we have Hiraku in a light blue distressed striped knit sweater and a sky blue large beanie, both from Acne Studios, for a cute look.

Distressed Striped Sweater


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Blue Large Logo Beanie


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  1. Distressed Striped Sweater
  2. Blue Large Logo Beanie

Hiraku’s Look #2

In the chorus scene where the members all rocked white outfits, Hiraku wore an exquisite ivory snakeskin-motif strapless top from Dion Lee.

Snakeskin-motif Strapless Top


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  1. Snakeskin-motif Strapless Top

Yeseo’s Look #1

Yeseo‘s multicolor stripe off-shoulder crop top from CRANK is the definition of a charming summery design. She paired it with a high-waisted denim skirt.

Stripe Off Shoulder


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  1. Stripe Off Shoulder

Yeseo’s Look #2

Next up, she changed into an ivory cut-out-detail bralette top from Dion Lee to go with her tennis skirt.

Cut Out-detail Bralette Top


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  1. Cut Out-detail Bralette Top

Youngeun’s Look #1

Youngeun combined sophistication with timeless elegance in a white iridescent crystal-embellished arch-leg minidress from David Koma.

Crystal Iris Embellished Minidress


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  1. Crystal Iris Embellished Minidress

Youngeun’s Look #2

She then made an unforgettable fashion statement in this masterpiece of a V-emblem garden denim mini dress by Versace Jeans Couture.

V-emblem Garden Denim Minidress


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  1. V-emblem Garden Denim Minidress

Mashiro’s Look #1

Mashiro‘s Dion Lee eyelet mini skirt is not only a classic piece but also exudes contemporary allure.

Eyelet Mini Skirt


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  1. Eyelet Mini Skirt

Mashiro’s Look #2

She held our attention in another stunning set from Versace Jeans Couture, featuring a logo-print sleeveless top and a V-emblem garden miniskirt.

Logo-print Sleeveless Top


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V-emblem Garden Miniskirt


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  1. Logo-print Sleeveless Top
  2. V-emblem Garden Miniskirt

Bahiyyih’s Look #1

Going for a more minimalist yet pretty style, Bahiyyih wore a tailor-made white safety slider mini dress from Dion Lee that looks perfect on her.

KEP1ER Galileo MV Kpop Fashion - Bahiyyih - Look 1

White Safety Slider Minidress


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  1. White Safety Slider Minidress

Bahiyyih’s Look #2

She elevated her simple combination of white blouse and black shorts by donning this floral-print cropped top from Dolce & Gabbana.

Floral-print Cropped Top


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  1. Floral-print Cropped Top

Bahiyyih’s Look #3

Ribbed Warmer Print Top


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Cargo Denim Half Pants


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  1. Ribbed Warmer Print Top
  2. Cargo Denim Half Pants

Xiaoting’s Look #1

Xiaoting cut a confident and mesmerizing figure in a white asymmetric-design long-sleeve dress from David Koma.

KEP1ER Galileo MV Kpop Fashion - Xiaoting - Look 1

Asymmetric-design Dress


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  1. Asymmetric-design Dress

Xiaoting’s Look #2

This cute outfit of hers is composed of a green turtleneck halter top and a Gucci GG jacquard knit skirt in fuchsia and green.

KEP1ER Galileo MV Kpop Fashion - Xiaoting - Look 2

GG Jacquard Knit Skirt


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  1. GG Jacquard Knit Skirt

Xiaoting’s Look #3

Xiaoting then wore a show-stopping black crystal-embellished halterneck gown from David Koma in one of the most memorable shots from the video.

Crystal-embellished Minidress


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  1. Crystal-embellished Minidress

Chaehyun’s Look

Chaehyun achieved a playful and radiant outfit with her stylish bow-detail blouse and baroque-print short shorts from Versace Jeans Couture.

Baroque-print Short Shorts


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  1. Baroque-print Short Shorts

Yujin’s Look #1

Yujin‘s ribbed muscular-twist tank top and inter-loop mini skirt, both from Dion Lee, made up for a chic look.

Ribbed Muscular-twist Tank Top


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Interloop Mini Skirt


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  1. Ribbed Muscular-twist Tank Top
  2. Interloop Mini Skirt

Yujin’s Look #2

She also showed off a striking graphic-print sleeveless mini dress from Versace Jeans Couture.

Graphic-print Mini Dress


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  1. Graphic-print Mini Dress

Dayeon’s Look #1

As for Dayeon, she made a glamorous first impression in a magnolia cut-out mini dress from The Attico.

KEP1ER Galileo MV Kpop Fashion - Dayeon - Look 1

Magnolia Cut-out Minidress


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  1. Magnolia Cut-out Minidress

Dayeon’s Look #2

To end things on a casual note, she wore a green cowl neck tank top from OTTOLINGER with denim pants.

Green Cowl Neck Tank Top


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  1. Green Cowl Neck Tank Top

Whose outfits do you like best?

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