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IVE Pulled Off A Vibrant And Personable Fall Style In The Whimsical Music Video For ‘Off The Record’

IVE Off The Record MV Fashion

IVE is gearing up for the upcoming release of their first extended play ‘I’ve Mine’ and just dropped their second pre-release title track ‘Off The Record’. Following the tone of their first track ‘Either Way’, this song further showcases a mellow and easy-going side of IVE. It should come as no surprise that the girl group manages to pull off this concept as well.

As for the music video, the cinematic visuals fit in seamlessly with the whimsical ambiance of the song. This ties in with IVE’s styling for the track which is full of vibrant red shades, muted pinks, off-white themes, and knitted attires. All in all, it’s just in the mood for the fall season. So, keep reading to find out more details about the outfits.

A Fashion Breakdown On IVE's Off The Record MV

IVE’s ‘Off The Record’ MV Fashion

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Yujin’s Look #1

Yujin cut a brooding figure in a forest green doodle-print bomber jacket from VETEMENTS in one of the first looks from the video.

Doodle-print Bomber Jacket


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  1. Doodle-print Bomber Jacket

Yujin’s Look #2

While her pink and red bow ribbon drop earrings from SIMONE ROCHA matched her red turtle neck, it’s also a stark contrast against her cream-shade Marine Serre front zip detail cable knitted jumper, making both the items stand out in its combination.

Front Zip Cable-Knitted Jumper


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Bow Ribbon Drip Earrings


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  1. Front Zip Cable-Knitted Jumper
  2. Bow Ribbon Drip Earrings

Leeseo’s Look

For a contemporary yet feminine look, Leeseo styled a floral pattern embroidered white jersey t-shirt from Shushu/Tong with a grey gathered tulle skirt from Molly Goddard.

IVE Off The Record MV Kpop Fashion - Leeseo - Look 1-1

Embroidered T-Shirt


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Ula Gathered Tulle Skirt


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  1. Embroidered T-Shirt
  2. Ula Gathered Tulle Skirt

Rei’s Look #1

The highlight of Rei‘s playfully cute outfit here is the Dion Lee barley brown and olive green workwear pleated miniskirt.

Workwear Pleated Miniskirt


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  1. Workwear Pleated Miniskirt

Rei’s Look #2

Her black knitted vest from ALESSANDRA RICH with a studded red bear motif is another memorable look that has a similar essence to her previous look.

Bear Wool-blend Vest


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  1. Bear Wool-blend Vest

Liz’s Look #1

Liz wore a red striped crewneck sweater from ERL which is a must-have for a fall wardrobe with its versatile fits.

IVE Off The Record MV Kpop Fashion - Liz - Look 1-1

Striped Crewneck Sweater


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  1. Striped Crewneck Sweater

Liz’s Look #2

She then dazzled in a candy red knit vest from PONYTAIL, a logo waistband pleated mini skirt from Miu Miu, and an Alessandra Rich pearl necklace with spikes and crystal detailing.

Knit Sleevless Vest


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Pleated Mini Skirt


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Pearl Necklace W/ Spikes & Crystal


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  1. Knit Sleevless Vest
  2. Pleated Mini Skirt
  3. Pearl Necklace W/ Spikes & Crystal

Gaeul’s Look #1

Gaeul paired an off-white distressed printed cotton-jersey hoodie from SAINT MXXXXXX with a distressed denim embroidered-design cap from Martine Rose for a casually trendy look.

IVE Off The Record MV Kpop Fashion - Gaeul - Look 1-1

Distressed Printed Hoodie


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Distressed Embroidered Cap


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  1. Distressed Printed Hoodie
  2. Distressed Embroidered Cap

Gaeul’s Look #2

Red is definitely Gaeul’s color as this embroidered logo long-sleeve shirt from KidSuper suits her perfectly.

Long-sleeve Shirt


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  1. Long-sleeve Shirt

Wonyoung’s Look #1

Keeping up with the red and white theme with her cotton vest from PONYTAIL, Wonyoung went a step further to embellish her outfit with a light pink floral applique headband from Alessandra Rich.

Colour-block Bomber Jacket


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Cleamo Two Tone Cotton Vest


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Floral-appliqué Headband


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  1. Colour-block Bomber Jacket
  2. Cleamo Two Tone Cotton Vest
  3. Floral-appliqué Headband

Wonyoung’s Look #2

Jeff BRC1 Square-frame Glasses


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  1. Jeff BRC1 Square-frame Glasses

Whose outfits do you like best?

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