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IVE’s Experimental Outfits Combine Many Aesthetics In The Zany Music Video For ‘Baddie’

IVE Baddie MV Fashion

After teasing ‘I’ve Mine’ for weeks with two mellow pre-release singles, IVE finally dropped the highly anticipated extended play with a rap-heavy title track ‘Baddie’. The catchy beat drop chorus is already stuck in our heads and the vibrant music video where IVE embodied the crush concept with a little superhuman twist is burned in our minds.

Apart from transitioning into outlaw cats and escaping numerous capture attempts, the girl group managed to stay true to their fashionable roots as baddies. Suffice it to say that IVE’s experimental outfit ideas in the music video are here to stay.

A Fashion Breakdown On IVE's Baddie MV

IVE’s ‘Baddie’ MV Fashion

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Wonyoung’s Look #1

Wonyoung started off the video in an unforgettable silhouette achieved with the help of a pink faux-fur bunny balaclava and a bubblegum pink logo-plaque heart backpack, both from AMBUSH.

Bunny Faux-fur Balaclava


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Logo-plaque Heart Backpack


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  1. Bunny Faux-fur Balaclava
  2. Logo-plaque Heart Backpack

Wonyoung’s Look #2

She maintained the same attitude in a black buckle-detail bralette top from Miu Miu paired with baggy white and red track pants.

Buckle-detail Bralette Top


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  1. Buckle-detail Bralette Top

Wonyoung’s Look #3

These red platform Chelsea boots from Charles & Keith elevated her white tube top and black mini skirt outfit from cute to edgy.

Black Renn Faux-Leather Miniskirt


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Two-Tone Patent Calf Boots


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  1. Black Renn Faux-Leather Miniskirt
  2. Two-Tone Patent Calf Boots

Liz’s Look #1

With her uniform-inspired blazer and shorts combo, Liz rocked a stylish pair of NEW ROCK white ankle boots to complete the outfit.

Ankle Boots


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  1. Ankle Boots

Liz’s Look #2

Going for a mix of sporty and preppy aesthetics, Liz styled a cropped vintage Newcastle United home shirt with a twirly pleated skirt from RED Valentino. For footwear to tie the whole look together, she chose off-white AMBUSH logo band embroidered socks to wear with tan paneled ankle boots from PALM ANGELS.

Newcastle United Castore Home Shirt


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Pleated Skirt


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Tan Paneled Ankle Boots


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Logo Band Embroidered Socks


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  1. Newcastle United Castore Home Shirt
  2. Pleated Skirt
  3. Tan Paneled Ankle Boots
  4. Logo Band Embroidered Socks

Rei’s Look #1

Rei matched the over-the-top energy of the video with her equally quirky outfit comprising of a silver bow rose vase single drop earring from SHUSHU/TONG, a pink teddy-bear backpack from Acne Studios, and black and white leather ankle boots from NEW ROCK.

IVE Baddie MV Kpop Fashion - Rei - Look 1-1

Bow Rose Vase Single Earring


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Teddy-bear Backpack


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Ankle Boot


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  1. Bow Rose Vase Single Earring
  2. Teddy-bear Backpack
  3. Ankle Boot

Rei’s Look #2

She then exuded charisma in a white knit beanie from BAPE and a Supreme Eagle moto jersey in black.

Eagle Moto Jersey


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Twin STA Beanie


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  1. Eagle Moto Jersey
  2. Twin STA Beanie

Gaeul’s Look #1

For Gaeul‘s first look, her trendy pair of white platform sneakers from VETEMENTS X NEW ROCK with its blue bullpen drawing design was the highlight.

Platform Sneakers


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  1. Platform Sneakers

Gaeul’s Look #2

She then put together a snappy ensemble around a Palazzo Juventus long-sleeve jersey from Palace, improving it with black monogram tights from VETEMENTS layered with black print shorts from LESUGIATELIER. She topped it off with a grey Hyein Seo harness pleated mini-skirt, complete with black logo embroidered socks from AMBUSH.

IVE Baddie MV Kpop Fashion - Gaeul - Look 2-1

Palazzo Juventus Jersey


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Harness Pleated Mini Skirt


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Black Print Shorts


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Wolford Edition Monogram Tights


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  2. Harness Pleated Mini Skirt
  3. Black Print Shorts
  4. Wolford Edition Monogram Tights
  5. Socks

Gaeul’s Look #3

Here, Gaeul wore a pretty beige eyelet-embellished pleated denim miniskirt from Ludovic de Saint Sernin to go with her black leather off-shoulder top.

Pleated Denim Miniskirt


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  1. Pleated Denim Miniskirt

Yujin’s Look

Yujin sported a cropped navy racing jacket from Hyein Seo in a boldly outlandish outfit that blended conventional styles with the contemporary.



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  1. Jacket

Leeseo’s Look #1

As for Leeseo, she balanced her black leather mini skirt and boots with an effortlessly fashionable red Vic top from THE ROW.

Red Vic Top


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  1. Red Vic Top

Leeseo’s Look #2



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  1. Shorts

Whose outfits do you like best?

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