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ITZY Shows Off Their Bold Side With Out-Of-The-Box Outfits In Their Comeback Music Video ‘Cheshire’

You definitely don’t want to miss these unique outfits!

ITZY Cheshire MV Fashion

ITZY was on fire on November 30 as they released a new music video that will definitely stick in fans’ memory for years to come: ‘Cheshire’. The five gorgeous girls nailed everything in this out-of-the-box MV, from the impressive choreography they performed on different stages, to the great lyrics that fans are already addicted to. 

But let’s talk fashion – the girl group showed off an impressive array of bold and unique outfits that you definitely don’t want to miss. So, read on as we break down the outstanding fashion choices made by ITZY in ‘Cheshire’!

A Fashion Breakdown On ITZY's Cheshire MV

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ITZY’s ‘Cheshire’ MV Fashion

Lia’s Look #1

Every detail about this look of Lia’s is perfect, especially her statement red patent thigh-high boots by Demonia!

ITZY Cheshire MV Kpop Fashion - Lia - Look 1-1

Thigh High Boot


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  1. Thigh High Boot

Lia’s Look #2

We almost mistook Lia for an angel when she appeared wearing this adorable pair of faux-fur snow boots from Moon Boot!

Icon Faux-fur Snow Boots


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  1. Icon Faux-fur Snow Boots

Yeji’s Look #1

Are you going crazy over this jaw-dropping outfit showcased by Yeji? You can easily copy it by getting a short sleeve tee from Alexander Wang, a low-rise denim mini skirt also from Alexander Wang, and a cool logo belt from VETEMENTS!

ITZY Cheshire MV Kpop Fashion - Yeji - Look 1-1

Short Sleeve Tee


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Low-rise Denim Mini Skirt


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Belt With Logo


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  1. Short Sleeve Tee
  2. Low-rise Denim Mini Skirt
  3. Belt With Logo

Yeji’s Look #2

Yeji’s black-and-white classy outfit was definitely worth taking note of, which starred a stylish pair of black punk heels by ALEXANDER MCQUEEN.

Black Punk Heels


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  1. Black Punk Heels

Ryujin’s Look #1

As for Ryunjin, she rocked an edgy look consisting of a distressed mech lace-up tank top and paneled mesh cotton sweatpants from Windowsen. And to finish everything off, she went for a pair of chain-embellished chunky-sole leather ankle boots from MIU MIU and a silver bristol chocker from Vivienne Westwood.

Distressed Lace-up Tank Top


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Paneled Mesh Cotton Sweatpants


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Chunky-sole Ankle Boots


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Bristol Choker


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  1. Distressed Lace-up Tank Top
  2. Paneled Mesh Cotton Sweatpants
  3. Chunky-sole Ankle Boots
  4. Bristol Choker

Ryunjin’s Look #2

She looked drop-dead gorgeous when she showed up wearing a cute sports bra from Versace!

Greca Border Sports Bra


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  1. Greca Border Sports Bra

Yuna’s Look #1

Yuna got creative by wearing Diesel’s boxer underneath Miu Miu’s plaid wool miniskirt. And we’re all over it!

ITZY Cheshire MV Kpop Fashion - Yuna - Look 1-1

Plaid Wool Miniskirt


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Solid Color Boxer


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  1. Plaid Wool Miniskirt
  2. Solid Color Boxer

Yuna’s Look #2

Yuna added sparkle to her outfit by using a statement-making heart clover long crystal necklace from Saint Laurent.

Heart Clover Long Crystal Necklace


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  1. Heart Clover Long Crystal Necklace

Yuna’s look #3

She also wore the icon faux-fur snow boots from Moon Boot as Lia did, and they both looked equally angelic!

Icon Faux-fur Snow Boots


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  1. Icon Faux-fur Snow Boots

Chaeryeong’s Look #1

Chaeryeong sported a cute yet spooky, black-and-pink outfit that featured a Pink martini edition long-sleeve T-shirt from Balenciaga.

ITZY Cheshire MV Kpop Fashion - Chaeryeong - Look 1-1
ITZY Cheshire MV Kpop Fashion - Chaeryeong - Look 1-2

Pink Martini Edition T-Shirt


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  1. Pink Martini Edition T-Shirt

Chaeryeong’s Look #2

Finally, she managed to pull off a flawless, classy outfit thanks to this black wool blazer from Alexander McQueen!

Double-breasted Wool Blazer


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  1. Double-breasted Wool Blazer

Whose outfits do you like best?

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