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ITZY Presents Contrasting Fashion Ideas In Their 'Cheshire' Concept Films

ITZY Cheshire Concept Film Fashion

ITZY are gearing up for the release of their 6th EP ‘Cheshire’ and has given a sneak peek of what’s about to come. The album’s first concept film promised an elegant and regal concept but the second one says otherwise. Nevertheless, we can count on ITZY to turn the tables anytime and exude confidence in any attire.

With this, let us take a look at their individual outfits from the two ‘Cheshire’ concept films which offer different vibes.

ITZY’s ‘Cheshire’ Concept Film Fashion

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Lia’s Look #1

For her all-black outfit, Lia wore a holster buckle tank top from Dion Lee with a tailored miniskirt from Coperni. She matched her Alexander McQueen metal-toecap heel pumps with a Prada triangle logo rhinestone cuff to complete the look.

Holster Buckle Tank Top


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Black Tailored Miniskirt


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Metal-toecap Heel Pumps


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Triangle Logo Rhinestone Cuff


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  1. Holster Buckle Tank Top
  2. Black Tailored Miniskirt
  3. Metal-toecap Heel Pumps
  4. Triangle Logo Rhinestone Cuff

Lia’s Look #2

On the other hand, Lia’s second look is far more upbeat and full of color with a vibrant track jacket and logo-charm hoop earrings from Raf Simons.

Logo-charm Hoop Earrings


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  1. Logo-charm Hoop Earrings

Yuna’s Look #1

Next up, we have Yuna in a black stretch jersey top from Prada and hybrid flared trousers from Coperni for a cool and alluring look.

Stretch Jersey Top


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Hybrid Flared Trousers


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  1. Stretch Jersey Top
  2. Hybrid Flared Trousers

Yuna’s Look #2

Here, she styled a uniquely trendy two-way ruched long-sleeve jacket from WINDOWSEN with a checked Paris Rara skirt by Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

Ruched Long Sleeve Jacket


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Paris Rara Skirt


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  1. Ruched Long Sleeve Jacket
  2. Paris Rara Skirt

Ryujin’s Look #1

As for Ryujin, she wore a buckle-detail black miniskirt from Dion Lee with dramatic accessories including these flame zipper earrings and a shard unit bracelet, both from 32DAWN.

Flame Zipper Earring


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Shard Unit Bracelet


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Buckle-detail Miniskirt


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  1. Flame Zipper Earring
  2. Shard Unit Bracelet
  3. Buckle-detail Miniskirt

Ryujin’s Look #2

This seemingly comfortable zipped cropped coat by Marc Jacobs with purple shrunken faux fur is a great look on Ryujin.

Zipped Cropped Coat


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  1. Zipped Cropped Coat

Yeji’s Look #1

Keeping up with the all-black theme, Yeji dressed in a black tie-fastening split blazer from Mugler, a biker leather mini skirt from Dion Lee, and square-toe boots from Coperni. Also, the flame link ring from 32DAWN is a nice touch.

Tie-fastening Split Blazer


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Biker Leather Mini Skirt


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Square-toe Boots


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Flame Link Ring


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  1. Tie-fastening Split Blazer
  2. Biker Leather Mini Skirt
  3. Square-toe Boots
  4. Flame Link Ring

Yeji’s Look #2

In a vastly different look, Yeji wore a modified college logo-print oversized T-shirt from Balenciaga with blue paneled jeans from THE ATTICO. The beige leopard bucket hat from R13 makes the ensemble even more impressive.

College Logo-print T-shirt


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Blue Paneled Jeans


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Beige Leopard Bucket Hat


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  1. College Logo-print T-shirt
  2. Blue Paneled Jeans
  3. Beige Leopard Bucket Hat

Chaeryeong’s Look #1

Chaeryeong’s flame link necklace from 32DAWN is a suitable addition to her black off-shoulder leather top and shorts.

Flame Link Necklace


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  1. Flame Link Necklace

Chaeryeong’s Look #2

Chaeryeong‘s second outfit is composed of an exclusive beige T-shirt from OTTOLINGER, a camouflage-print skirt from Diesel, and hi-top boots from Moon Boot.

Beige ‘Vamos A La Playa’ T-Shirt


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Camouflage-print Skirt


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Protecht Monaco Hi-top Boots


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  1. Beige ‘Vamos A La Playa’ T-Shirt
  2. Camouflage-print Skirt
  3. Protecht Monaco Hi-top Boots

Check out the two concept films for ITZY’s upcoming comeback with ‘Cheshire’:

Whose outfits do you like best?

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