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ITZY Came Back With The Finest Punk Rock Fashion Choices In The Music Video For Their English Single 'Boys Like You'

The girls definitely delivered some iconic fashion moments.

ITZY Boys Like You MV Fashion

ITZY‘s latest comeback is going to be the one talked about for years to come. After much teasing about their pre-release English single ‘Boys Like You’, the group finally dropped the song today.

The accompanying music video, with its Halloween party setting, is nothing short of amazing in terms of visuals and choreography. But most of all, ITZY embodied the rebellious and punk rock aesthetic of the video and delivered some iconic fashion moments. Check out the outfits below!

A Fashion Breakdown On ITZY's Boys Like You MV

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ITZY’s ‘Boys Like You’ MV Fashion

Yuna’s Look #1

For her out-of-this-world outfit complete with angel wings, Yuna styled an all-white look with a little help from Balmain‘s knit sports bandage crop top and dramatic boots by BUFFALO.

ITZY Boys Like You MV Kpop Fashion - Yuna - Look 1-1

Halterneck Knitted Crop Top


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Raven HI Bootie


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  1. Halterneck Knitted Crop Top
  2. Raven HI Bootie

Yuna’s Look #2

In another look, she reinvented the classic school uniform style by dressing up in a graphic-print single-breasted blazer from Raf Simons and a pleated skirt from Current Mood.

Graphic-print Blazer


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Wool Skirt


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  1. Graphic-print Blazer
  2. Wool Skirt

Yuna’s Look #3

Yuna then paired a polo top from Louis Vuitton with a cozy cropped open-arm jacket of the same brand.

ITZY Boys Like You MV Kpop Fashion - Yuna - Look 3-1

LV Match Open-arm Jacket


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LV Match Damier Polo Top


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  1. LV Match Open-arm Jacket
  2. LV Match Damier Polo Top

Lia’s Look #1

Lia‘s literal angelic look would not be complete without a white strapless silk corset top from MANURI.

ITZY Boys Like You MV Kpop Fashion - Lia - Look 1-1

Strapless Silk Corset Top


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  1. Strapless Silk Corset Top

Lia’s Look #2

The following look has Lia in DOUBLET‘s navy miniskirt with burning embroidery detail.

Burning Embroidery Miniskirt


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  1. Burning Embroidery Miniskirt

Lia’s Look #3

Wearing a striped mesh sports bra from Celine with an A-line miniskirt from Palm Angels, Lia’s next outfit strikes the perfect balance between sporty and trendy. She then opted for the fisherman ankle boots from JW Anderson to achieve the final look.

ITZY Boys Like You MV Kpop Fashion - Lia - Look 2-1

Mesh Sports Bra


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A-line Miniskirt


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Fisherman Ankle Boots


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  1. Mesh Sports Bra
  2. A-line Miniskirt
  3. Fisherman Ankle Boots

Yeji’s Look #1

Yeji‘s first look features a black pleated skirt with chains from Tripp NYC.

Mary Chain Pleated Skirt


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  1. Mary Chain Pleated Skirt

Yeji’s Look #2

Next up, she fashioned a white V-neck T-shirt from PUSHBUTTON into an immaculate crop top to go with her army green pleated skirt.

ITZY Boys Like You MV Kpop Fashion - Yeji - Look 2-1

White V-Neck T-Shirt


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  1. White V-Neck T-Shirt

Ryujin’s Look #1

Ryujin‘s gothic outfit is composed of a newspaper print corset top from With Jéan, a black rock skirt from Tripp NYC, a leather embroidered jacket from DSQUARED2, and lace-up high-top sneakers by Rick Owens.

Leather Embroidered Jacket


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Carla Corset Top


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Super Rocker Skirt


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Lace-up High-top Sneakers


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  1. Leather Embroidered Jacket
  2. Carla Corset Top
  3. Super Rocker Skirt
  4. Lace-up High-top Sneakers

Ryujin’s Look #2

Here, she looked unforgettable in a denim ensemble from Tripp NYC consisting of a matching corset top and strap-on pants. Also, the logo waistband of bikini briefs from HommeGirls made an appearance.

ITZY Boys Like You MV Kpop Fashion - Ryujin - Look 2-1

Denim Ever Ready Corset


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Denim Strap On Pant


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Logo-waistband Bikini Briefs


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  1. Denim Ever Ready Corset
  2. Denim Strap On Pant
  3. Logo-waistband Bikini Briefs

Chaeryoung’s Look #1

Chaeryoung put her own spin on the group’s punk aesthetic by combining a distressed knitted vest top from R13 with a pleated mini skirt and fishnet stockings.

ITZY Boys Like You MV Kpop Fashion - Chaeryeong - Look 2-1

Distressed Knitted Vest Top


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  1. Distressed Knitted Vest Top

Chaeryoung’s Look #2

Chaeryoung’s cute outfit, especially with these white rib leg warmers from PRAYING creatively adjusted for long gloves, is a scene-stealer.

White Rib Leg Warmers


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  1. White Rib Leg Warmers

Whose outfits do you like best?

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