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EXO-SC Sehun & Chanyeol Overload Their ‘1 Billion Views’ Music Video With Colorful Outfits

EXO-SC 1 Billion Views MV Fashion

EXO‘s Sehun and Chanyeol just released another music video for their title track, 1 Billion Views. The song is a great mix of hip hop and disco which also allowed the duo to be creative with their set. Following the song’s catchy tune and new-retro feel, the boys made sure to match the neon elements and colorful street design with their flashy clothing.

Here’s how you can rock patterns and color blocks a-la EXO-SC!

A Fashion Breakdown On EXO-SC Sehun and Chanyeol's 1 Billion Views MV

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EXO-SC’s ‘1 Billion Views’ MV Fashion

Sehun’s Look #1

Sehun layered this Dior and Shawn shirt under the colorful Louis Vuitton jacquard crewneck sweater. He finished the look with B-Low The Belt‘s Frank Belt and a pair of studded derby shoes by Alexander McQueen.

LV Jacquard Crewneck


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Dior And Shawn Shirt


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Frank Belts


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Studded Derby Shoes


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Sehun’s Look #2

Sehun styled his green jacket with the brooches from Chanel.

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Chanyeol’s Look #1

Chanyeol wore a yellow T-shirt by R13 under this combo of Comme de Garçons Homme Plus graphic jacket and Moschino‘s brushstroke trousers styled with Palm Angels‘ belt. He nailed the look with these Tread Slick high-tops from Alexander McQueen.

Graphic Print Button-up Jacket


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Velvet Underground Group Shot Boy Tee


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Tread Slick High-top Sneakers


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Brush Stroke Print Trousers


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Flame Logo Print Belt


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Chanyeol’s Look #2

He can also be seen wearing this geometric long-sleeved shirt from GmbH under his red jacket.

Geometric Long-sleeved Shirt


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