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SEVENTEEN's BSS Returns With A Chaotic Chic Style In The Music Video For 'Fighting'

SEVENTEEN BSS Fighting MV Fashion

After five long years, SEVENTEEN‘s iconic trio BooSeokSoon (BSS) returns for their second single album. The subunit just released the title track ‘Fighting’ which features rapper Lee Young-Ji. The hype anthem of a song has an equally chaotic music video that says goodbye to lazy mornings and hello to energy-filled days.

As is tradition, we kept our eyes peeled for the fashion shown in the music video. So, check out where BSS got their vibrant outfits from below!

A Fashion Breakdown On BSS's Fighting MV

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BSS (SEVENTEEN)’s ‘Fighting’ MV Fashion

Hoshi’s Look #1

Hoshi‘s first look is a cute one. He paired a simple logo-print cotton white tee from Marni with an endearing cherry pajama set from WIGGLEWIGGLE, topping it off with logo-embossed white leather sneakers also from Marni.

SEVENTEEN BSS Fighting MV Kpop Fashion - Hoshi - Look 1

Pajama Set


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Logo-print Cotton T-shirt


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Logo-embossed Leather Sneakers


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  1. Pajama Set
  2. Logo-print Cotton T-shirt
  3. Logo-embossed Leather Sneakers

Hoshi’s Look #2

He then turned things around in a deep blue corduroy formal jacket and horse-bit detail pants, both by Adidas x Gucci. The outfit also features a race print longline t-shirt from Martine Rose.

Velvet Formal Jacket


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Race Print Longline T-shirt


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Corduroy Pant With Horsebit


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  1. Velvet Formal Jacket
  2. Race Print Longline T-shirt
  3. Corduroy Pant With Horsebit

Hoshi’s Look #3

Wearing a striped soccer jersey from neon genesis oddity over a purple barcode turtleneck from VTMNTS, and combining it with red corduroy straight-leg track pants from Rhude, Hoshi went all out with this fun outfit. The white sneakers from SURGERY subtly ground the whole look.

Neo Soccer Uniform Stripe


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Purple Barcode Turtleneck


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Straight-leg Track Pants


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  1. Neo Soccer Uniform Stripe
  2. Purple Barcode Turtleneck
  3. Straight-leg Track Pants
  4. SS006

Hoshi’s Look #4

Here, he wore a color-blocked funnel-neck jacket and contrast-side panel track pants, all from Rhude, for an edgy laid-back look.

SEVENTEEN BSS Fighting MV Kpop Fashion - Hoshi - Look 4

Colour-blocked Jacket


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Contrast-side Panel Track Pants


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  1. Colour-blocked Jacket
  2. Contrast-side Panel Track Pants

DK’s Look #1

DK woke up in an all-over logo print button shirt and trousers from Moncler Genius X Palm Angels. He matched the distinctive pajamas with green sneakers from Marni.

SEVENTEEN BSS Fighting MV Kpop Fashion - DK - Look 1

All-Over Logo Printed Shirt


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All-over Logo Print Trousers


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  1. All-Over Logo Printed Shirt
  2. All-over Logo Print Trousers
  3. Sneakers

DK’s Look #2

His next outfit is a mix of sporty and classy achieved by styling a yellow cotton jersey with a grey wool flannel jacket and trousers, all from Adidas x Gucci. He added a black and white leather Marmont belt, also from the same brand, to complete the look along with core black Adidas superstar shoes.

Wool Formal Jacket


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Cotton Jersey T-shirt


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Wool Flannel Trouser


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Superstar Shoe


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GG Marmont Belt


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  1. Wool Formal Jacket
  2. Cotton Jersey T-shirt
  3. Wool Flannel Trouser
  4. Superstar Shoe
  5. GG Marmont Belt

DK’s Look #3

This logo white hoodie from SURGERY balances DK’s otherwise outlandish look in this frame.

Oversized Sports Jersey Shirt


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Cutting Logo Hoodie


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  1. Oversized Sports Jersey Shirt
  2. Cutting Logo Hoodie

DK’s Look #4

In another bright look, DK wore a cream-white slogan long-sleeve T-shirt from Drôle De Monsieur with Craig Green‘s orange packable zip-up jacket and paneled straight-leg trousers. He completed the attire with high-top lace-up sneakers from Rick Owens DRKSHDW.

Packable Zip-up Jacket


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Slogan Long-sleeve T-shirt


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Panelled Straight-leg Trousers


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High-top Lace-up Sneakers


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  1. Packable Zip-up Jacket
  2. Slogan Long-sleeve T-shirt
  3. Panelled Straight-leg Trousers
  4. High-top Lace-up Sneakers

Seungkwan’s Look #1

Seungkwan‘s entrance in an orange lounge robe from WIGGLEWIGGLE and floral print canvas slip-on sneakers from Marni is one to remember for days.

Lounge Robe


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  1. Lounge Robe
  2. Sneakers

Seungkwan’s Look #2

This next look of his by Adidas x Gucci is the definition of chaotic chic. Seungkwan wore a cropped blazer over a white cropped T-shirt and red jersey pants.

Cropped T-shirt


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Jersey Pant


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  1. Cropped T-shirt
  2. Jersey Pant

Seungkwan’s Look #3

He then wore an off-road mesh long-sleeve shirt from DUCKDIVE to go with his high-top suede sneakers from Celine.

SEVENTEEN BSS Fighting MV Kpop Fashion - Seungkwan - Look 3

Off Road Mesh Long Sleeve


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CT-01 "Z" High Top Sneaker


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  1. Off Road Mesh Long Sleeve
  2. CT-01 "Z" High Top Sneaker

Seungkwan’s Look #4

In the final look, we have Seungkwan in a navy blue logo-print graphic T-shirt from Marni and bright green side-stripe track pants from VTMNTS.

Logo-print Tank Top


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Side-stripe Track Pants


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  1. Logo-print Tank Top
  2. Side-stripe Track Pants

Whose outfits do you like best?

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