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BLACKPINK's Fierce Fashion In The 'Pink Venom' Music Video Left Us Wanting More

These outfits are undeniably stylish and fierce.

BLACKPINK Pink Venom MV Fashion

A BLACKPINK comeback is always one of the most awaited and anticipated events in K-pop. Well, today is that lucky day as the girl group just dropped their pre-release single ‘Pink Venom’. The track is an earworm with its lethal lyrics, catchy instrumentals, and a high-end music video.

As for the visuals, it goes without saying that the girls were at the top of the fashion game. So, here are the outfits with undeniable style and fierceness that made our day.

A Fashion Breakdown On BLACKPINK's Pink Venom MV

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BLACKPINK’s ‘Pink Venom’ MV Fashion

Jennie’s Look #1

To start, Jennie made an amazing entrance in a red leopard lace bodysuit and a mini bubble dress, both from Alaïa. Her black heels from GCDS also elevated the outfit to a whole new level.

BLACKPINK Pink Venom MV Kpop Fashion - Jennie - Look 1-1
BLACKPINK Pink Venom MV Kpop Fashion - Jennie - Look 1-2

Leo Lace Bodysuit


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Leopard Lace Bow Mini Dress


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Black Divine Heels


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  1. Leo Lace Bodysuit
  2. Leopard Lace Bow Mini Dress
  3. Black Divine Heels

Jennie’s Look #2

Here, she looked sporty in a black Manchester United jersey created by Adidas styled with a Vivienne Westwood faux-pearl choker necklace.

BLACKPINK Pink Venom MV Kpop Fashion - Jennie - Look 2-1

Manchester United Teamgeist Jersey


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Faux-pearl Choker Necklace


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  1. Manchester United Teamgeist Jersey
  2. Faux-pearl Choker Necklace

Jennie’s Look #3

This sultry outfit features a sleeveless top from 604service and a stylish vegan leather jacket by Jeff Hamilton.

Collage Vegan Leather Jacket


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Sleeveless Top


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  1. Collage Vegan Leather Jacket
  2. Sleeveless Top

Jennie’s Look #4

Jennie wore a detailed jersey top dress and a long sleeve body suit both from Demobaza for an ultra-modern look with a vintage feel.

Body Earth Protestor


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Dress X Life Force


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  1. Body Earth Protestor
  2. Dress X Life Force

Lisa’s Look #1

The highlight of Lisa‘s first outfit is this stunning pair of Oriana emerald satin sandals from Jimmy Choo. She also wore an ensemble of jewelry from Bvlgari to complete the look.

BLACKPINK Pink Venom MV Kpop Fashion - Lisa - Look 1-1
BLACKPINK Pink Venom MV Kpop Fashion - Lisa - Look 1-2

Serpenti Viper Necklace


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Serpenti Seduttori Ring


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Serpenti Viper Wrap Ring


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Serpenti Viper 2-Coil Ring


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Serpenti Viper Wrap Bracelet


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Serpenti Viper Bracelet


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Oriana Satin Sandals


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  1. Serpenti Viper Necklace
  2. Serpenti Seduttori Ring
  3. Serpenti Viper Wrap Ring
  4. Serpenti Viper 2-Coil Ring
  5. Serpenti Viper Wrap Bracelet
  6. Serpenti Viper Bracelet
  7. Oriana Satin Sandals

Lisa’s Look #2

Lisa embodied the ultimate hip-hop aesthetic in a red hockey jersey from Neon Genesis Oddity and a silver coated denim overall from 604service worn over a sporty bra and logo print briefs from GCDS. She completed the look with the help of Celine‘s cloche hat and bulky laced-up boots.

BLACKPINK Pink Venom MV Kpop Fashion - Lisa - Look 2-1
BLACKPINK Pink Venom MV Kpop Fashion - Lisa - Look 2-2

Neo Hockey Jersey


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Silver Coated Denim Overall


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Logo Print Briefs


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Cloche Hat


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Bulky Laced Up Boot


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  1. Neo Hockey Jersey
  2. Silver Coated Denim Overall
  3. Bras
  4. Logo Print Briefs
  5. Cloche Hat
  6. Bulky Laced Up Boot

Lisa’s Look #3

This quirky outfit of Lisa’s is a memorable one as she paired a pink cowl crop halter top from Alexander Wang with the cool color block camo pants from Sicko Cartel. To top it all off, she slipped into hiking boots from Rick Owens x Dr. Martens.

Cowl Crop Halter Top


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Color Block Camo Pants


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1460 Bex Hiking Boots


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  1. Cowl Crop Halter Top
  2. Color Block Camo Pants
  3. 1460 Bex Hiking Boots

Lisa’s Look #4

Lisa showed off a new look in an eccentric visor denim structure jacket top and cabin boots all from Demobaza.

Defender Starseed


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Cabin Boots W


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  1. Defender Starseed
  2. Cabin Boots W

Lisa’s Look #5

Ruched Layer Top


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Halterneck Leather Crop Top


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  1. Ruched Layer Top
  2. Halterneck Leather Crop Top

Rosé’s Look #1

As for Rosé, she looked out of this world in a flowy black ‘Garden of Eden’ dress from Fanci.

BLACKPINK Pink Venom MV Kpop Fashion - Rose - Look 1-1

Garden of Eden Dress


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  1. Garden of Eden Dress

Rosé’s Look #2

Rosé also dazzled in this sleek dark look that paired a gold heart stone necklace choker from Saint Laurent with a wrap necklace from Tiffany & Co. Moreover, the addition of these Tiffany Knot rings tied the whole outfit together.

BLACKPINK Pink Venom MV Kpop Fashion - Rose - Look 2-1



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Double Row Ring


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Wrap Necklace


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Heart Stone Necklace Choker


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  1. Ring
  2. Double Row Ring
  3. Wrap Necklace
  4. Heart Stone Necklace Choker

Rosé’s Look #3

In this frame, Rosé can be seen in a vibrant red corset from didu, the Dream Walker pants from Skoot, and the black Geobasket sneakers from RICK OWENS.

Off-shoulder Linecut Corset


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Dream Walker Pants


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Black Geobasket Sneakers


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  1. Off-shoulder Linecut Corset
  2. Dream Walker Pants
  3. Black Geobasket Sneakers

Rosé’s Look #4

She paired a denim body suit from Demobaza with ribbed gloves from the same brand for this adventurous outfit. For footwear, she chose the leather knee-high boots from Dr. Martens.

Body Suit Avatar


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1B60 Max Hardware Boots


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Gloves Rib Vega W


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  1. Body Suit Avatar
  2. 1B60 Max Hardware Boots
  3. Gloves Rib Vega W

Jisoo’s Look #1

In this laced corset from Marina Eerrie, Jisoo was the definition of ethereal beauty.

BLACKPINK Pink Venom MV Kpop Fashion - Jisoo - Look 1-1
BLACKPINK Pink Venom MV Kpop Fashion - Jisoo - Look 1-2

Fan Laced Corset


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  1. Fan Laced Corset

Jisoo’s Look #2

Jisoo wore this fun all-Dior outfit composed of a sleeveless cropped top, high socks with laces, and black ankle boots.

Sleeveless Cropped Top


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Ankle Boot


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High Socks


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  1. Sleeveless Cropped Top
  2. Ankle Boot
  3. High Socks

Jisoo’s Look #3

As for the final look, Jisoo matched her members in style by wearing a Demobaza ensemble. As for her flawless makeup, she used the Rouge Dior Forever Liquid in the shade #200 Forever Dream on her lips and did her eyes with the Diorshow Khôl in #099 Black Khôl.

Vest Vega Line


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Short Pants Ride In


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Gloves Black Rib Long
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Suspenders Cabin Ring


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  1. Vest Vega Line
  2. Short Pants Ride In
  3. Gloves Black Rib Long
  4. Suspenders Cabin Ring

Diorshow Khôl #099


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Rouge Dior Forever Liquid #200


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  1. Diorshow Khôl #099
  2. Rouge Dior Forever Liquid #200

Whose outfits do you like best?

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