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Watch BLACKPINK Rising Above Their Pain In Epic Outfits In ‘Lovesick Girls’ Music Video

This shows that you can still be in style even when you are broken-hearted!

BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls MV Fashion

After 4 years since their debut, BLACKPINK has finally released their first-ever full-length album, ‘The Album‘, which includes killer tracks like ‘How You Like That‘, ‘Ice Cream‘, and ‘Lovesick Girls‘. Featuring big names in the music industry like Cardi B, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and David Guetta, ‘The Album’ is undoubtedly one of the major K-pop drops this year. And the girls have once again proved that they are ready to take over not just K-pop, but also the pop music world too!

While you are enjoying BLACKPINK’s new songs, let’s join us here as we break down some of their best looks from the music video for the title track ‘Lovesick Girls‘.

A Fashion Breakdown On BLACKPINK's Lovesick Girls MV

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BLACKPINK’s ‘Lovesick Girls’ MV Fashion

Jennie’s Look #1

For her first look, Jennie layered R13‘s graphic T-shirt under a pinstriped blazer jacket.

Graphic-print T-shirt


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Ribbon Hair Pin


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  1. Graphic-print T-shirt
  2. Ribbon Hair Pin

Jennie’s Look #2

Jennie looked sexy yet classy when she paired her Marine Serre bra top with a silk scarf.

Embroidered Logo Ribbed Bra


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Uh Cowboy Boots


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  1. Embroidered Logo Ribbed Bra
  2. Uh Cowboy Boots

Jennie’s Look #3

BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls MV Fashion - Jennie - Look 3-2

Oversized Knitted Jumper


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C Square Toe Boots


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  1. Oversized Knitted Jumper
  2. C Square Toe Boots

Lisa’s Look #1

Lisa got creative with her outfit by layered Area‘s crystal butterfly net top over a graphic tee. She topped off her look with a denim bomber jacket from Alexander Wang and platform wedge boots from Club Exx.

Denim Bomber Jacket


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Crystal Butterfly Net Top


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Field Girl Traitor Boots


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  1. Denim Bomber Jacket
  2. Crystal Butterfly Net Top
  3. Field Girl Traitor Boots

Lisa’s Look #2

Here’s another butterfly element in Lisa’s outfit. This time, she wore the butterfly tribal top from Namilia.

BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls MV Kpop Fashion - Lisa - Look 2-1

Butterfly Tribal Top


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  1. Butterfly Tribal Top

Lisa’s Look #3

BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls MV Kpop Fashion - Lisa - Look 3

Bite Short


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  1. Bite Short

Lisa’s Look #4

Paneled Denim Corset


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Sheer Argyle Print Shirt


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  1. Paneled Denim Corset
  2. Sheer Argyle Print Shirt

Jisoo’s Look #1

Jisoo looked like a princess in her pastel flowy dress. But then, she decided to sharpen up her look with a studded belt from Alaia.

Studded Wide Leather Belt


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30 Montaigne Choker


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  1. Studded Wide Leather Belt
  2. 30 Montaigne Choker

Jisoo’s Look #2

She rocked the tie dye trend with her version of this acid wash denim dress from Club Exx.

Denim Dress


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  1. Denim Dress

Jisoo’s Look #3

Dior has always been Jisoo’s go-to brand for accessories. For this look, she chose the brand’s J’Adior choker in antique gold-finished metal.

BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls MV Kpop Fashion - Jisoo - Look 3-1

Matinata Cropped Cotton Shirt


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J'adior Choker


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  1. Matinata Cropped Cotton Shirt
  2. J'adior Choker

Rosé’s Look #1

We love how Rosé‘s pink hair clashed nicely with her dark outfit in this look. She was wearing Freakish Building‘s black crop tee styled with ribbed stockings.

Short Sleeve Crop Tee


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  1. Short Sleeve Crop Tee

Rosé’s Look #2

There’s no doubt that Rosé’s visual and acting shine in this scene. Get her look with this Elvis mugshot T-shirt from R13 and these platform mary janes from Lamoda.

Wool Blended Bolero Knit Top


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Oversized Elvis Mugshot T-shirt


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How Ironic Platform Mary Janes


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  1. Wool Blended Bolero Knit Top
  2. Oversized Elvis Mugshot T-shirt
  3. How Ironic Platform Mary Janes

Rosé’s Look #3

In case you haven’t noticed, cardigans are one of the must-have items this season. Check out how Rosé rocked Vivienne Westwood‘s knit cardigan with the modified version of a matching skirt from the same brand.

BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls MV Kpop Fashion - Rose - Look 3-1

Anglomania Knit Cardigan


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Anglomania Knit Skirt


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Holly Platform Lace-up Shoes


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  1. Anglomania Knit Cardigan
  2. Anglomania Knit Skirt
  3. Holly Platform Lace-up Shoes

Rosé’s Look #4

Rosé took on the punk rock princess look as she donned a leather biker jacket from Saint Laurent styled with a yellow tulle skirt. She finished off her look with the nail pendant necklace also from Saint Laurent.

BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls MV Kpop Fashion - Rose - Look 4-1

Fitted Biker Jacket


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Gold Nail Pendant Necklace


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  1. Fitted Biker Jacket
  2. Gold Nail Pendant Necklace

Rosé’s Look #5

For a nice twist to her outfit, she added this plaid shirt from R13 around her waist.

Contrast Plaid Shirt


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MX-BT & MX Necklace


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  1. Contrast Plaid Shirt
  2. MX-BT & MX Necklace

Whose outfits do you like best?

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