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AESPA Proves They Are The Next K-Pop Fashion Queens With ‘Savage’ Music Video

AESPA Savage MV Fashion

AESPA has recently come back with their new song ‘Savage’ and they showed everyone that they got what it takes to be the next queens of K-Pop, with their catchy melody, exciting choreography, and stunning fashion choices for the music video. Their outfits are really beautiful, and we can’t wait to replicate their looks.

Without any further ado, here are the girl’s gorgeous wardrobe choices for their ‘Savage’ MV.

A Fashion Breakdown On AESPA's Savage MV

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AESPA’s ‘Savage’ MV Fashion

Winter’s LooK

Winter was seen wearing this black embellished trim heart top from Area and a pair of Crescent Moon motif tights from Marine Serre.

AESPA Savage MV Kpop Fashion - Winter - Look 1

Embellished Trim Heart Top


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Crescent Moon Motif Tights


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  1. Embellished Trim Heart Top
  2. Crescent Moon Motif Tights

Karina’s Look #1

Karina’s first look consists of a printed corset from Dydoshop.

AESPA Savage MV Kpop Fashion - Karina - Look 1



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  1. Eastcoast

Karina’s Look #2

The second look was utter perfection with her hot pink holey elbow-length gloves from Manokhi and a baby pink buckle fastening curb chain necklace from 1017 ALYX 9SM.

AESPA Savage MV Kpop Fashion - Karina - Look 2

Chain Necklace


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Holey Elbow-length Gloves


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  1. Chain Necklace
  2. Holey Elbow-length Gloves

Karina’s Look #3

AESPA Savage MV Kpop Fashion - Karina - Look 3

Crocheted Lace Corset


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  1. Crocheted Lace Corset

Ningning’s Look

Ningning rocked this chain-link necklace from Paco Rabanne like there’s no tomorrow and we’re loving it.

AESPA Savage MV Kpop Fashion - Ningning - Look 1

Chan-link Necklace


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  1. Chan-link Necklace

Giselle’s Look

Giselle was every rockstar’s dream girlfriend wearing this gorgeous crystal-embellished corset-style top from AREA, a choker necklace from Dsquared2, and this black and silver signature strap classic rollercoaster belt from 1017 ALYX 9SM.

AESPA Savage MV Kpop Fashion - Giselle - Look 1

Crystal-embellished Top


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Icon Choker Necklace


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Classic Rollercoaster Belt


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  1. Crystal-embellished Top
  2. Icon Choker Necklace
  3. Classic Rollercoaster Belt

Whose outfits do you like best?

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