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Jang Na-Ra’s Fashion As Hong Ji-Ah In K-Drama ‘Sell Your Haunted House’ Episodes 5-10

Sell Your Haunted House Fashion - Jang Na-Ra - Episodes 5-10

Jang Na-Ra‘s newest drama, ‘Sell Your Haunted House’, is a refreshing take on an exorcist who uses her gift in removing spirits from properties she wants to sell. This is also a good drama to pick up corporate styles from. Na-Ra’s character, Hong Ji-Ah, can be typically seen wearing office-ready looks for her job.

Here are some of her best looks from episodes 5 to 10!

Jang Na-Ra's Fashion in Korean Drama Sell Your Haunted House Episodes 5-10

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Jang Na-Ra’s Fashion in Episodes 5-10 of K-drama ‘Sell Your Haunted House’

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Look #1

Na-Ra added an edgy twist to this look courtesy of her leather rider jacket from Musee.

Leather Rider Jacket


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Look #2

This outfit gets a casual and homey feel from her milk loose shirt from Urago.

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Look #3

Keep it trendy yet casual like Na-Ra did in this patchwork shirt from Diagonal and this tweed knit cardigan from Renej.

Tweed Knit Cardigan


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Look #4

For this outfit, Na-Ra added a sophisticated touch with Rachel Cox‘s Erika pumps.

Pumps_Erika R2392p


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Look #5

To get this full layered look, be sure to wear Urago’s two-button tweed jacket with BLUR1.0‘s Blur Edition hoodie and matching sweat pants.

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Look #6

This double Balmain look showcases the brand’s double-breasted tweed blazer and stretch-knit mini skirt. She topped it off with this pair of Projekt Produkt shades.

Double-breasted Tweed Blazer


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Stretch-knit Mini Skirt


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