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How To Master The Korean Preppy Style This Fall/Winter

How to Embrace the Korean Preppy Style

The preppy style in the Korean fashion scene is becoming quite big in recent years. It’s something we not only see in Korean celebrities, but also in the most stylish fashion districts in Korea.

If you find yourself wanting to embrace the Korean preppy style this Fall/Winter, then we’ve got you covered! Here are 7 fashion pieces to help you master the prep aesthetic.

How To Master The Korean Preppy Style This FallWinter

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Polo Shirts

The polo shirt, which is also referred to as “the golf shirt”, is quite a trendy staple piece for casual wear. It’s simple, but it can definitely turn heads depending on how you would style it.

Hyein (NewJeans)

Korean Preppy Style - NewJeans Hyein

We spotted NewJeansHyein sporting her polo top with an A-line short skirt which gives a youthful and sporty vibe.

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Button-up Shirts

If you’re into something comfy and more loose-fitting, a button-up shirt makes a great clothing piece for your preppy wardrobe.


To amp it up a bit, you can layer a knitted vest over it just like how Jisoo (BLACKPINK) rocked hers!

Chaeyoung (TWICE)

Korean Preppy Style - TWICE Chaeyoung

For a youthful, school-girl vibe, you can also steal TWICE Chaeyoung‘s style by accessorizing it with a tie for a cuter look!

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Pleated Skirts

When we think of mini pleated skirts, we think of Y2K fashion. But guess what? They are back and conquering the Korean entertainment scene! We see these pleated skirts in almost every idol girl group like the following snaps we got from NMIXX’s Lily, Taeyeon, and TWICE’s Dahyun!

Lily (NMIXX)

Korean Preppy Style - NMIXX Lily

Lily styled hers in a coordinated top and skirt ensemble, along with a black tie and black leather belt.


Korean Preppy Style - Taeyeon

It almost goes the same for Taeyeon who just added a vest to make it more “school girl”.

Dahyun (Twice)

Korean Preppy Style - TWICE Dashyun

Dahyun’s preppy style ensemble, on the other hand, makes a perfect airport fashion outfit with her cotton collared crop top.

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This year’s Korean preppy style blazers are either long blazers or cropped blazers. The conventional, tailored blazer is still quite timeless, of course. However, both long and cropped blazers suit the modern, street style more. 

Kim Se-Jeong

Here we can see Kim Se-Jeong wearing a long blazer that’s almost the same level as her mini skirt.


Korean Preppy Style - Sooyoung

Meanwhile, Sooyoung paired her cropped blazer paired with high waist pants.

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Varsity Jackets

The varsity jacket (also known as the baseball jacket) is an absolute must-have this year – most especially for those who are very much into K-fashion.

Han Hyo-Joo

Korean Preppy Style - Han Hyo-Joo

To give you an idea of how to wear them with swag and class, here’s Han Hyo-Joo donning hers in simple casual pants and combat boots. 

Nayeon (TWICE)

Korean Preppy Style - TWICE Nayeon

We also loved TWICE Nayeon’s sexy take on her varsity jacket by going for a crop top and denim jeans!

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There’s something about loafers that we seriously can’t get enough of! You may opt for lighter ones with lower heels, but the platform and chunky-heeled loafers have been quite a common sight in many K-pop idols! Again, its preppy look is apparent due to how youthful the ensembles are!


Korean Preppy Style - NewJeans

In this look, we can see how NewJeans translated that look.


Korean Preppy Style - RED VELVET Joy

RED VELVET‘s Joy went for the more casual and laid-back route by pairing her loafers with a simple denim mini dress.

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Mary Jane Shoes

Last but definitely not least in our preppy style fashion must-haves is a pair of Mary Jane shoes. You can go for flat ones or Mary Jane pumps. Either way, both are very easy to pair in numerous clothing coordinates.


Korean Preppy Style - LE SSERAFIM Sakura

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura is looking sweet and dainty with her preppy ensemble featuring a pair of white Mary Janes! 

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See? Gearing your Korean preppy style wardrobe isn’t as hard as you think. In fact, it’s actually fun because most of them are very easy to mix and match! So which among these looks did you fancy the most?

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