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‘Black Knight’ Cast Showcases Exceptionally Elegant Ensembles At The Show’s Press Conference

‘Black Knight’ Cast's Outfit At The Press Conference on May 10, 2023

Hold your breath as you embark on a thrilling journey with the highly anticipated series ‘Black Knight’, which is all about the backdrop of a polluted Korean peninsula in the year 2071. With a staggering 99% of the population wiped out, the remaining society strives to survive. 

But amidst the thrill, let’s not overlook the extremely elegant ensembles flaunted by the show’s cast during the press conference. So, without further ado, let’s explore each stunning ensemble they wore!

‘Black Knight’ Cast’s Outfits at the Press Conference on May 10, 2023

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Kim Woo-Bin

Kim Woo-bin stole the spotlight in three exquisite pieces from Ralph Lauren: a handmade silk gabardine jacket, hand-tailored suit trousers, and burnished calfskin fisherman sandals. 

Handmade Silk Gabardine Jacket


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Hand-Tailored Suit Trouser


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Burnished Fisherman Sandal


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  1. Handmade Silk Gabardine Jacket
  2. Hand-Tailored Suit Trouser
  3. Burnished Fisherman Sandal

Song Seung-Heon

Song Seung-Heon was the definition of elegance at the event, all thanks to his DOLCE & GABBANA wool tuxedo jacket and tailored stretch wool tuxedo pants! 

Double-breasted Tuxedo Jacket


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Tailored Tuxedo Pants


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  1. Double-breasted Tuxedo Jacket
  2. Tailored Tuxedo Pants


Opting for an all-black look, Esom absolutely slayed in ALAÏA’s black tailored mini dress and CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN’s black heels.

Black Tailored Mini Dress


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Black So Kate Heels


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  1. Black Tailored Mini Dress
  2. Black So Kate Heels

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