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AESPA's Latest Airport Look Proves That Less Is More In Fashion

AESPA's Outfits at Incheon Airport on November 27, 2022

AESPA was spotted at the Incheon International Airport on November 27th. If reports are to be believed, they were headed to Sydney, Australia to film a music video. While as exciting as it sounds, it remains unconfirmed for now. But there is always the certainty that the girls will be dressed to the nines whatever the occasion.

Check out their fashion picks for the departure.

AESPA’s Outfits at Incheon Airport on November 27, 2022

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Karina made a low-key appearance in a black sheer top from Sculptor paired with high-rise full-length jeans from Zara and two-tone platform sneakers from R13. She carried an ivory shoulder handbag from JW PEI to contrast against her dark outfit.

AESPA Karina's Outfit at Incheon Airport on November 27, 2022

Masterpiece Sheer Top


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ZW The ‘90s Full Length Jeans


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Eva Shoulder Handbag


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Two-tone Platform Sneakers


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  1. Masterpiece Sheer Top
  2. ZW The ‘90s Full Length Jeans
  3. Eva Shoulder Handbag
  4. Two-tone Platform Sneakers


Giselle turned heads with her snappy look that was achieved by wearing a black gothic liner jacket from R13. But it was her chestnut-toned large shopper bag by UGG x TELFAR that kept our attention from straying.

Black Gothic Liner Jacket


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Large Shopper


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  1. Black Gothic Liner Jacket
  2. Large Shopper


Winter‘s super laid-back outfit combines a dark green asymmetrical-knit jumper from Maison Margiela with black oversized trousers and grey UGG coquette slippers. It turns out that the jet-black bucket bag slung on her side is also from Maison Margiela

Asymmetrical-knit Jumper


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Number Patch Bucket Bag


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Coquette Slipper


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  1. Asymmetrical-knit Jumper
  2. Number Patch Bucket Bag
  3. Coquette Slipper


For her airport look, Ningning wore a faux-leather blazer from NANUSHKA, a washed canvas hat from John Elliot, and low-top sneakers by Comme des Garçons Play X Converse.

Ariza Faux-leather Blazer


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Washed Canvas Hat


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Chuck 70 Low-Top Sneakers


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  1. Ariza Faux-leather Blazer
  2. Washed Canvas Hat
  3. Chuck 70 Low-Top Sneakers

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